• Paul Serran

Who knows where the bodies are buried?

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Instead of slow-building it, I will start with a bang: these 4 people are the ones that "know where the bodies are buried".

POTUS, Rogers, Flynn, Prince.

Let's see why I think that way?

Just recently, Q suggested we go back and re-examine this riddle.

And re-reading is what we love to do! So let's do it.

Mythical drop 14. Read it with care. It's about Flynn, Rogers, POTUS.

The most direct mention is about POTUS.

He knows. He has the "goods" on most bad actors.

Still on drop 14, there's that: who is helping POTUS?

Adm. Rogers is helping. Be it recovering lost HRC e-mails, lost PS-LP texts, or surveilling the infamous "Tarmac meeting", he has been instrumental in providing KEY (Intel) to POTUS' team.

However troubling it may be to live in a society where surveillance is the norm, in this instance it has been instrumental to have these resources to fight the bad players.

So, to finish with drop 14, let's get back to this:

Was POTUS asked to run? By whom?

I think these guys are the ones.

Drop 97 is mostly about General Flynn. Read it carefully, please.

Flynn = Military Inteligence.

He knows.

Post-9/11, Military Inteligence started having the same technological capabilities of the 3 letter agencies. And with that, Flynn has amassed a TON of Intel on the bad players' crimes.

Post 224 talks about Prince, and the MAP - Master Action Plan.

American businessman and former U.S. Navy SEAL Eric Prince is often described as a "mercenary", because of his former company Blackwater's work as a military contractor.

He has also admitted to having been a C_A operative, in the past.

Drop 260 is to reassure us that Flynn is safe.

"We protect our patriots."

Drop 953 - Flynn will be clear of all charges, and will be part of POTUS' second administration.

He will have a bigger hand to play in this game before it's over.

When treasonous "No Name" photos in Syria surface, it is said to be the work of Prince's contractors. Q implies Prince would be a double agent, working for Clowns but also for the White Hats.

It's unclear exactly which other Clown treasonous operations Prince has "the goods" on - but it is potentially a HUGE number.

"Why would Flynn plead guilty to something untrue?"

To testify on record. That was a master STING on the Bad Players.

That's why he sat besides Putin on a dinner in Moscow, inviting BHO's Clowns to try to frame him.

This latest drop is about Prince and what he knows about the content of AW's laptop. "It's damning!", tweets Flynn Jr.

"Who knows...?" It's Flynn and Prince. AND RUDY?

One last question: "Who knows where the bodies are buried?"

Is that about actual bodies and burial sites?


Let's go back to drop 14: "Does POTUS have the goods on most bad actors?"

That's the thing: INTEL on the enemies' crimes.

These guys know. And WE are beginning to know it, too!

That was "Who knows where the bodies are buried?" for today.



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