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Who is Q?

A #QAnon thread on "Who is Q and other questions"

First of all, please take note of this drop...

... and more specifically this part of it. Bear with me a bit.

So, who is Q? People have all kinds of crazy ideas about it. But what can the drops tell us about it?

First of all, the drops started the very day JK returned from a SECRET trip to SA. So, does he have anything to do with it? Perhaps.

and also, let's give Dr. @SebGorka a break! It is not him, like has said a thousand times before! :)

When I started following the Q drops back in late November, I held what seemed to be the standard explanation: it had to do with Q clearance, and U1 scandal etc. But no! That's not the explanation.

So we come back to drop 144, and find the Q Group - The Directorate of Security and Counterintelligence of No Such Agency (NSA for beginners).

Look closely, and we find that Q is a weapon for POTUS to change the narrative. An antidote to Mockingbird Media (MSM paid by the C!A for beginners).

Look what Q group was doing back in 2013:

Soon after the drops started in late October, this happened. A hack that was "bigger than Snowden" in terms of damage to National Security. What a coincidences! ;) Clowns KNOW the group is behind the drops.

This is an excerpt from the NYT article that Q mentioned before. The NYT hides behind a paywall, so I had to "hack" the text from the article rather than do a screen-grab like I prefer to do.

Here is a list of directorates for No Such Agency, and a breakdown of the structure of the ADS&CI (Directorate Q).

So, that's it? NO. The content and style of the bulk of the publications is POTUS. That's pretty clear to me. In the beginning, Q didn't sign as "Q", and the first signature of drops we see is this: 4-10-20 - D.J.T.

YES. The mysterious character is hidden in plain sight.

The Q guys and girls agree. :)

Boy, and did the Q group have to work to maintain safe communications for the project. Several times boards were compromised, and many cyber combats were fought along the way.

Another cornerstone. What is the MAP, that holds all the many moving parts of #TheStorm together?

I call your attention to this drop from right after the Hawaii nuke scare.

This bit: the MAP was planned for 3 years. It's a plan. It was laboriously built for 3 years before POTUS even ran - OR - it was planned to take 3 years for completion - or both. :)

Unlike other riddles and codes, this one is never openly explained, so I looked at military and security acronyms and got this: it's a MATER ACTION PLAN. It fits perfectly.

It goes like this:


"Less than ten can confirm me." Q says. What? 👾 Let's take a look.

Here's the deal:

"You can count the people who have the full picture on two hands. Of those (less than 10 people) only three are non-military. Why is this relevant?"


"Game theory. Outside of a potential operator who has been dialed-in w/ orders (specific to his/her mission) nobody else has this information. Operators never divulge."

If Q is giving forewarning of events, why was there no investigation on the drops?

(Now, of course, there is one.)

LESS THAN 10 - no leaks.

The last riddle in today's thread is one that I argued endlessly with Patriots that have hunches that are not grounded in the Q drops. What is the keystone. Spoiler alert: it's NOT SES. It's not the Federal Reserve.

This term is explained openly, no need for "decoding".



And yet again:

No Such Agency (Wizards and Warlocks) + POTUS and Military =


So Q and less than 10 people know the MAP, and have the KEYSTONE to send us the drops, so we can bring the rain, and #TheStorm is upon us.


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