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What is Q?

A #QAnon #Thread on "What is Q?"

I have written about "Who is Q". (posted at the end of this thread)

Equally as meaningful is the question of WHAT is Q.

What is the nature and purpose of this operation?

When it's all said and done, Q will be the biggest INTEL drop in History.

But the drops are not an end in themselves, they're part of an "op" with a specific objective. What is it?

Detractors, of course, will say it's just an idiotic LARP, or else a sinister "deep-state psy-op" to distract patriots during this most vital chapter of American and World history.

We know Q is a legitimate source. And Q has very recently dared the media to ask POTUS about this. Why don't they?

They know it, too.

Q has let us know that this confirmation may be imminent.

My research leads me to one unescapable conclusion: Q is a counterintelligence operation.

The objective is to build an informed army of Anons, to counterbalance the massive influence of the MSM on the American Public Opinion.

Why do I think that? Look.

Well, to begin with, the NSA "Q group" that is involved in the Q operation from the start is the "Directorate of Counterintelligence and Security."

In the "No Such Agency" are some of the greatest heroes in #TheStorm, battling rogue elements in other agencies.

POTUS uses Q to "shift the narrative".

Counter Intelligence is the branch of an intelligence service charged with keeping sensitive information from an enemy, deceiving that enemy, preventing subversion and sabotage, and collecting political and military information.

Counterintelligence missions have broadened from targeting just Foreign Intelligence Services. Threats have broadened to include threats from non-national or trans-national groups, ***including internal insurgents***.

"Insurgent" could be a group opposing a recognized government by criminal or military means, as well as conducting clandestine intelligence and covert operations against the government in question.

We are talking about these guys, promoting violent resistance and confrontation.

We are talking about these guys, an ultra-violent foreign gang, trafficking drugs, guns, and people. Taking care of political assassinations.

Of course, we are talking about these guys, trying to overthrow the legitimate elected government.

Finally, we are talking about the almost totality of the Fake News Media.

Counterintelligence fights theft of national security secrets and corporate information and - very important - "operations to influence our policymakers and public attitudes".

So Q started, in late October, 2017, to offer a pipeline of INTEL, to educate people about the astounding quantity, variety of the D's crimes, and also the disturbing nature of many of them.

For that, we have to kill a mockingbird.

Most Q people are quite familiar with the "Operation Mockingbird" concept. Q dropped two congressional documents that shed light on the practice by the C_A of employing American journalists as assets.

Here, in 1976, the agency director vows to stop the practice, and to, "as soon as feasible", sever ties with the current assets.

"As soon as feasible" = never.

In an earlier deposition, from 1973, the number of journalists employed is said to be - "ballpark" - around 60. How many today? Much more.

In 1977, the same agency director has to deny that the practice is still taking place.

BUT Q dropped another Congressual document, from 1996, that shows that not only was the practice still in place, but also many exceptions to the rule were being considered to be legitimate.

Here is what legendary anchorman Ted Koppel had to say about the non-compliance of INTEL agencies.

Q has showed us how the MSM gets its [4 a.m.] narrative talking points from the "Bad Actors", either via burner phones or via "SecureDrop" software.

So, for #TheStorm to be effective, for the positive #MAGA agenda to flourish and for the manifold D crimes to be made known to the population, there had to be a way.

For a little over 8 months, we have been building the Army, red-pilling, researching, fighting the daily public opinion battles along the way.

And it is working!

As much as they hate and fear us, Time magazine could not keep from listing Q as one of the most influential persons in the Internet.

It's happening! The #GreatAwakening is in full swing.

We are ready. :)

That was "What is Q?" for today.


Addendum: List of journalists with compromising ties with the DNC:

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