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Weaponized Slaves

A short thread on the developments in the Epstein investigation.

Dedicated to @intheMatrixxx and @shadygrooove.

So, there I was, on the Matrixxx/Grooove Hour, on Thursday, just beginning to talk about my very well received thread on "The Island", when Matrixxx jumped in to inform us that Q had just posted about the exact subject at that very moment, with a new piece of information!

To begin with, I know Q team was watching the show because we had #QBaby family on, and for reasons that I will not disclose, I know they took an interest in that.

There you have it. Another one of those posts that is a milestone in my emotional journey through the revolution.

The point of the drop was to inform Anons about the origin for the Epstein Island Temple architecture and color patterns.

Before we proceed, if you think I am exaggerating the "coincidence" of the drop, just look at the archive name on the image they posted. I rest my case.

So, while I spoke and showed my thread on the broadcast, I noticed Matrixxx and Shady were suspiciously silent hahaha!

Sure enough, as soon as I was done with the short segment, they had it all figured out.

The 500+ year-old building has been destroyed in the Syrian war. But the image does give us a ton of information we need. Stay with me.

To begin with, there can be no doubt about the influence of the Mamluk bathhouse style on the contemporary Temple.

Here's what a Turkish "Bath" means.

Yeah, exactly.

Here is what Mamluk means.

Slaves, soldiers, slave-masters, despots.

THAT is the world they are trying to create.

Where no one is free.

Where children are sold into slavery, later to become fanatically loyal warriors, and eventually rising to high spheres of power.

This gives me insight into a deeper reason for the elite's push into OVERDRIVE sex-trafficking.

They want to create a world filled with slaves.

Like the famous actress who *chose* to be branded as a slave to her "Vanguard".

She would later become a slave master herself - a hybrid victim/perp kind of monstrosity.

And she would help spread the renaissance of slavery across the globe.

Reminds me too of the "photographer" who was streamlining children to the pleasure of the rich costumers.

The world's geopolitical realities where artificially shaped to serve the sick appetites of the super elites.


Q drops another article about the Epstein case - PANIC IN DC.

2k pages about to drop.

The names.

It's going to be contagion numbers.

We learn Dershowitz was introduced to Epstein by LdR.

The origin of Epstein's fortune is open to speculation, now.


This bit could have been branded "conspiracy theory" a few weeks ago.

It's the straight truth.


Was he a Mossad agent?

He certainly is deeply involved in the upcoming Israeli election public debate, since pictures of Ehud Barak entering his house caused uproar.

As for the next moves, see what a CNN anchor has to predict:


That was a short thread on the developments in the Epstein investigation.

"Weaponized Slaves - dedicated to @intheMatrixxx and @shadygrooove


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