• Paul Serran

Venezuela - South America on the Brink of War?

In Bogota, leaders of the US and the main South American Countries met with provisonal president Guaidó to discuss the next steps in the effort to oust the Socialists from their illegitimate power.

Brazilian VP asks for "dialogue" and rules out the use of Brazilian territory by the US. The defectors are less than 1% of the army, the effect is more psychological, as of now.

Guaidó asks the countries to consider "all scenarios". He seems to be the only one asking for an international military intervention.

The US asks for stronger financial measures against Maduro. That's good and effective, but hardly immediate. Meanwhile leftist Brazilian media fans the flame that the Venezuelan Opposition needs a "plan B" - meaning: plan A has failed.

POTUS has made it clear that he has a plan B, C, D, E and F to deal with Maduro and his Cuban slavemasters. It's good, because so far, the plans concocted by the US's local allies have not beared fruit.

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