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Upcoming General Michael Flynn sentencing

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Dedicated with deepest respect to @GenFlynn and @mflynnJR

If you are not well informed about the chain of events that brought us here, I suggest you read my earlier thread on the General.

Many people have been confused about what's really happening. That is only natural. Why?

FIRST, look at this: the public dockets memos we've had access to have been redacted, and all PROBABLY have corresponding unredacted versions filed under seal.

Without this in mind, it's impossible to understand the situation.

And also, remember: the "Russia probe" is now supervised in the DOJ by Acting AG Whitaker. He is NOT a fan of the SC Mueller.

In his sentencing memo to the Judge, SC Mueller asks for a reduced sentence, with no prison time. He cites Flynn's valuable contribution as a witness to many ongoing investigations. Which ones? Bear with me.

In his (redacted) sentencing memo, Flynn's defense argues that "a term of probation with minimal conditions of supervision is a just punishment."

They argue that General Flynn has accepted responsibility for his conduct, and he has cooperated extensively [and promptly] with SEVERAL Department of Justice investigations.

They remind the court about his rectitude of character.

We, in #TheStorm, keep stating that the General is a true American hero. But what do we know? We are just normal people in Twitter, right? SO, read his commanding officer's opinion.


The memo cites some irregularities in his investigations, sure. He was advised not to have legal representation present, and was not warned that lying to the FBI was a felony.

There is no further mention, in the defense memo, of the concerted effort by the HRC goons to frame him. But remember: this is the REDACTED version. POTUS still maintains he was framed.

How can we gauge what is going on behind seals? read THIS: Flynn's had "five pre-plea proffer sessions with the Special Counsel and FOURTEEN additional meetings with 'the Government'".

Did you get that? Not the "Special Counsel's Office", but "the Government".

So, according to this, and contrary to what some conservative pundits insist, not all his depositions would NECESSARILY have to deal with Mueller's probe.

But what else could his testimony be about? OH, A LOT! I will not pretend to know exactly what, but will leave this old tweet here for you to consider.

He knows where the bodies are buried.

And also, remember Q drop 1280, from April 27th? It implies that Flynn "lied about lying" to the FBI, to enter the judicial process as a witness, and get his mother lode of INTEL inserted into judicial evidence.

Nothing I learned from open sources makes this seem impossible. Flynn, the parachutist-turned-super-spook, went behind enemy lines on a dangerous mission for us all - AGAIN.

After crooked Judge Contreras had to step off the case, it has been quite the relief to know that Judge Emmet Sullivan, who is notoriously hard on "Brady violations", is at the helm.

What is the Brady rule? Read this: it seems to me to be pretty clear that it has been breached in this case.

Judge Sullivan asked for additional materials prior to his sentencing, on the 18th, and people are freaking out that Mueller did not send some 302's.

It may be, but remember again: he could release some materials under seal.

After all, look how redacted some materials sent by the SC are!

So what can we reasonably expect from this sentencing? Many people argue that the case should be thrown out entirely. That is also my personal opinion, and what I'm praying for.

Since the SC has not pushed for prison time, and the whole investigation was filled with irregularities, it seems highly unlikely Flynn will serve any. I hope and pray he will be free to be with his family.

Drop 953 states that Flynn was targeted because he "knows where the bodies are buried"; that he will be cleared of all charges, and, again, be a part of the (V.2) POTUS administration.

Chief of Staff?

That was "Flynn sentencing" for today.



ADDENDUM: GOP Rep. Issa predicts Flynn's guilty plead will be thrown out.

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