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Trust Huber

A #QAnon thread about U.S. Attorney John Huber, and the explosive prosecution effort he is heading, alongside DOJ IG Horowitz: in "Scope & Size" it is said to be the "biggest in history."


I'd like to begin with drop 60, from early November, 2017. Please pay attention to a vital aspect of #TheStorm: its secrecy and the compartmentalization of INTEL. Less than 10 people have the full picture. Much of the action is taking place in the shadows.


This is also valid when it comes to the Judicial front of the operations; to the effort to bring the dangerous enemies to justice.

Q has taught us the basics of this strategy in drop 151, back in mid-November 2017.

To capture a very dangerous animal, you set up a trap; you do not attack it from the front, and NEVER signal ahead of time you will be attacking.

We learn, first hand, that Indictments are being filed by someone from outside The Swamp (DC).

This came over 4 months before Sessions revealed US Attorney Huber's role in the prosecutions. Q keeps us so much better informed than the MSM would like us to be!

About a month later, DC is already in panic mode, and many deals are being rejected by the prosecutors.

As the indictments are sealed and nobody leaks, there is a feeling that nothing is happening. March 15th: GOP Senators Grassley, Graham, Cornyn and Tillis pen a letter to AG Jeff Sessions and Deputy AG Rosenstein.

They ask for the appointment of a second Special Counsel to investigate matters that were already being investigated and prosecuted SINCE NOVEMBER.

These are the subjects in need of investigation that they listed in their letter.

At the end of March, Sessions responded, revealing that all the issues mentioned in the Senators' letter had been under investigation (and prosecution) since November, by USA Huber from Utah.

You can see, here, how the Fake News understood the scope of Huber's mandate as being much narrower than it is. Also: they think he is investigating "allegations" - they do not seem to know that he has a treasure trove of evidence to build upon.

Huber was nominated US Attorney by BHO, fired by Sessions and then re-nominated by POTUS. He is, therefore, perceived as non-partisan, but is now un-tainted by a mandate by "Renegade".

This Breitbart article with Professor Turley has been dropped by Q several times. It is well worth reading in its entirety.

Turley shows that it's a "super-task-force", essentially combining the powers of the DOJ Inspector General with the powers of a line Prosecutor.

This combinations gives Huber a massive investigative firepower.

By April, we already had a good idea about the POTUS' administration stealthy strategy to "capture a dangerous animal". But the indictments were still sealed.

June: on drop 1552, Q refreshes patriot's memories about some of the subjects on Huber's investigations.

Q also reminds us about this operation: "Scope & Size biggest in history".

So, if you find yourself thinking "this is taking too long", think again!

July 1st: the resignations are a visible sign of the action occurring in the backstage. Also, we are reminded that IG Horowitz has a team of investigators that's about 20 times bigger than SC Mueller.

Late July, drop 1711: Huber reports directly to Sessions, bypassing Rosenstein.

Q poses a tough, direct question to the fearful, emotional thinkers: would POTUS let his DOJ be hijacked by enemies?

SC Mueller's investigation was built upon the fake, unverified, Steele dossier. And yet, on and on he goes. Remember: Huber has everything.

Q slams again some "conservative" commentators, and their insistence on the idea of using a second Special Counsel for an open, frontal attack.

Huber works with Horowitz. The DOJ IG investigates, the USA prosecutes, from OUTSIDE the swamp.

Yet, some people insist on the wrong tactics.

Not a good idea to hunt dangerous beasts like that.

Let's read drop 151 again. Is that not crystal clear?

But, then, this happened. I was mourning, away from the revolution, and I confess that I got a little worried.

But thankfully the team has great people to come from the back bench and lead the assault, like Matthew Whitaker. As "acting" AG, he can play the role of "hatchet man" without much political considerations.

Come to think of it, it's actually good to have a younger, hungrier AG who has openly stated his unfavorable views on the Mueller probe.

He refused to recuse himself from the Russia probe, of course.

He overtook supervision of the SC probe from Rosenstein, narrowed the [RR] expanded scope of the investigation to the original mandate, and effectively put a leash on Mueller.

He is now living rent-free on the minds of unhinged D's, while the investigations and prosecutions develop.

Late November we learned that John Huber was going to testify on Congress about the investigation on the CF. It was scheduled on D5, no less!

For the first time in one year, there seems to have been some leaks about this matter.

But, of course, this testimony had to be postponed, since a presidential funeral takes precedence.

Exactly one year after Q told us that General Flynn was safe, Mueller recommends no jail time for him. Whitaker's leash? We learn Huber had access to 12 terminals in the Utah bureau of the NSA!

The many coincidences are Q's way to reveal vital INTEL to patriots, without jeopardizing National Security or breaking any laws.

Huber testimony on D5. State funeral on D5. What are the odds?

The Huber testimony to the House is re-scheduled to December 13th.

Whitaker, Horowitz, Huber and Wray having long, secret meetings. Something big is in the works.

So, dear folk of the #GreatAwakening: trust Huber. We are about to witness the beginning of the end of the Cabal.

That was "Trust Huber" for today.


NOTE: This thread was posted by Q on December 12th, 2018.

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