• Paul Serran

To my Brothers in Arms

As I walk upon this earth, I see the wonders and the horrors all around me. And I see the mission, I see the plan. And it burns in my chest. We must get it done.

If there must be trouble, let it be now, so that my child is safe.

Like any writer worth his salt, I wanted to have a huge audience. Growing up playing in bands, I pretty much thought in terms of I want to have a shitload on "fans".

I know, I was very young.

So, our beloved planet Earth orbited patiently around the Sun until, one day, many years later, I did find a huge audience. Beyond what I had figured possible. But the dream was even more perfect - because I didn't have any fucking "fans", but instead I found a shitload of brothers and sisters.

How can this be? How can I, in the midst of battle, uncover a treasure trove of love and understanding, of trust and shared purpose?

I find myself fighting shoulder to shoulder with people that share with me not a lust for vengeance, but a sense of brotherhood, of justice.

It is a miraculous thing to find one's kin in these wastelands. It is a blessing in itself, that precedes any actual victories we have had in the battlefield of our war.

Even if defeat was to come - and it won't - but even if it was to come, I would say that it'd be an honor to perish standing by your side, my brothers and sisters.

As things stand, we are blessed to be around for the Great Awakening. It is a wonder and a joy that color the otherwise HARD reality of our everyday struggle.

But even in victorious wars, battles will be lost, warriors will succumb. This applies to the real physical wars and conflicts, but also to the information war we are waging. In this sense, I was one of those casualties.

They took away my huge audience, and I was flown back home, bleeding, and lived to fight another day in another platform, with a small audience. I will not play it cool and pretend this is not hard.

Indeed, if I had a shitload of "fans"; if I measured my self-worth and my happiness on this very fact I'd be lost beyond repair. But I don't have any fucking "fans", instead I do have a shitload of brothers and sisters.

AND THAT, they can never take away from me.

Most of these siblings of mine may never find my work again, or even care about it if they do. And that's ok, because I did not value them as "readers" of my creations. I see them, rather, as co-combatants acting on the here-now of the real world. And doing a fucking great job at it.

"Life is a great Opera. Only, it hurts."
Joseph Campbell

Rio de Janeiro, February 4th, 2020

Paul Serran

© 2019 BY PAUL SERRAN - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil