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To Kill a Mockingbird

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Suggested by and dedicated to Erika Gregg, finest patriot, and one of my best friends in the whole wide world.

Look at this bit from drop 144: besides a question that'll keep us busy, today ("Who controls the MSM?"), there's this relevant statement:

"Primary objective from beginning: POTUS discredit MSM."

They are the poison, we are the cure. They spread the darkness, but our light is pure.

In the words of Gen. Mike Flynn: "This is an insurrection. Irregular warfare at its finest." And our enemy is the MSM and Big Tech, trying to control the narrative.

Make no mistake: we came to destroy the FAKE NEWS media.

We came To Kill a Mockingbird.

Drop 3 has a TON of intel. From the Bob-Rod conundrum to the statement that many in the US Government worshiped Satan, you could almost fail to notice the first mention of "Operation Mockingbird". What's that?

Take a first look here, and bear with me - we will return to this shortly.

Drop 4: second mention to the "op". Q on POTUS' ascent to power:

"This was a hostile takeover from an evil corrupt network of players"

To begin with, " hostile takeover" is businessmen slang, not military. It reminds me of JK's involvement in the early days of Q, as he came back from SA with KEY (intel).

But the other part of the phrase is relevant, too: the "Evil Corrupt Network of players". To me, that's a more satisfying description of the enemy than "Cabal" or "Deep State", because those suggest a larger (and less credible) degree of articulation and organization.

Drop 9 talks about the diversification of efforts from the MSM to BIG TECH searching to silence conservative voices. "This will fail". And, 16 months on - it is failing!

Part of Q's work was to supply the multitude of anons and patriots with high quality content for their investigations. And they did! Q team posted docs from Congress about the massive efforts by the Agency to infiltrate and rig the narrative of MSM.

See this memo from 1973: the Agency had some 60 journalists with whom it had "some sort of relationship".

For me, that CLEARLY means some were paid, some threatened, some blackmailed, and some spied upon.

In 1977, the Agency's Director, Admiral Turner, stated unmistakably that it was now Agency policy not to engage journalists anymore, and vowed that the existing relationships would be terminated.

That is not what happened.

1996. Congress was again having an Intelligence Committee Hearing on this same issue.

Many participants in this hearings rationalize National Security reasons that would excuse the use of Journalists by the Agency.

Me, I like this bit by Ted Koppel, about "why the Agency feels it can act outside the law": it's because they actually can.

And of course BHO passed a law that authorizes the use of propaganda to US citizens. The stage was set to the FAKE NEWS NIGHTMARE.

Obama Quietly Signs The "Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act" Into Law". Our enemies are using foreign propaganda and disinformation against us and our allies, and so far the U.S. government has been asleep at the wheel. But today... with this bill now law, we are finall…https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-12-24/obama-signs-countering-disinformation-and-propaganda-act-law

The DNC controls the narrative, and the Agency has operators on the MSM. If exposed, these operatives can implicate top executives and lead to new revelations in the leaking of classified material.

Operation Mockingbird is ongoing.

Q remains in his educative effort about the Mockingbird op, and asks about AC.

To say AC is deeply connected to the Agency is not in any way a slander or an accusation. These are just facts of his life.

Controlling the narrative is important because many don't check their facts and just go with the flow. "Who controls the MSM?". The answer is: the DNC, and, in a more profound way, the globalist forces of "The Cabal", or "The Deep State". Or, as I prefer:

The "Evil Corrupt Network of players".

This is not hearsay: White Hats in government have it all. This is the list Q posted of journalists who had potentially improper relations with the DNC in the 2016 campaign. No less than NINETY.

"MSM is fake News. Propaganda."

Q proceeds to explain how the puppet journalists get their daily talking points at [4am]. Initially Q team mentions private mail addresses.

They are the poison, we are the cure. They spread the darkness, but our light is pure.

Drop 760: in a rather dramatic turn of events, a retweet by Snowden would point to the use of SecureDrop by the [4am] parrots. Q mentions his associate JPB, that was to die in rather in mysterious circumstances a few days after this mention.

Drop 1609: Q coins the perfect definition. "MSM is the propaganda tool of the D party."

Also: 72% of Americans believe MSM lies.

So, let's repeat:


Q has repeatedly shown us how the [4am] narratives are so obviously coordinated.

The capacity of lying and covering for bad players reaches catastrophic heights, when they ignore attempts on POTUS' life, and even ROGUE MISSILE LAUNCHES (neutralized). It's almost unbelievable.

God save us from the horrible designs of these evil criminals we are fighting.

Of course, the [4am] narrative turns frequently against Q with a violence and a virulence usually reserved to POTUS himself. We know why, right? THEY KNOW, too.

In fact, it is only fair that MSM attacks us, since we are their death sentence.

We are their terminators.

We came To Kill a Mockingbird.

In every lie, in every slander, in every blunder, the MSM is disintegrating before our very eyes.

They are giving way to the NEW MEDIA. To us.

Much has been said about the revolution of the manifold devices and their interactivity.

Much also said about how Social Media was replacing normal news dissemination channels.

An equally revolutionary event is… well, is US. The people from the insurrection against globalism. "Asymmetrical warfare at its finest."

The HIVE MIND operation that's helping to change the face of citizen journalism.

We read the map, find the key, learn the truth, shine the light - HUMANITY SAVED.

And MSM goes…

NOT ONE TEAR for the careers of those hacks. Many more will have to learn to… you know: CODE!

Pompeo was Agency Director, with a mandate to fix the "black-ops" - and since he was promoted to an EXCELLENT Secretary of State, there's room to imagine things are changing. Current director Gina Haspel, on the SOTU, went out of her way to make us know that. WHITE HAT!

That was "To Kill a Mockingbird" for today.

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I screwed the timeline a bit: THIS, drop 628, is the post where Q dropped JPB's name and association with SecureDrop BEFORE he died. The other, drop 760, above in this thread, was a week AFTER his death, a confirmation. thanks @Vintagesquirrel for the help.

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