• Paul Serran

The Art of War in the information age

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Sun Tzu was a Chinese general, military strategist and philosopher who lived in ancient China. He is credited as the author of The Art of War, a widely influential work of military strategy that has affected both Western and East Asian philosophy and military thinking.

Before he became POTUS, Donald Trump was, of course, a lovable billionaire who was very sought after for his advice on leadership and business strategies.

What did he advise? Basically the same that the Marines and the Military Intelligence.

The Art of War.

That's a matter of life and death.

For us, in #TheStorm, it is a vital field of knowledge, as we plow on our "irregular warfare" effort against the MSM overlords and their Big tech allies.

This is the first very good understanding I am bringing.

You do NOT project the true state of your forces, necessarily.

Let's get back to pre-POTUS DJT: it's sometimes good to be underestimated.

You may wanna get better acquainted to the concept of MILDEC: military deception.

You do NOT "telegraph" ahead your moves.

That is, of course, even MORE true when applied to the information wars we are fighting today. Be stealthy!

Subdue enemies without a fight? Hmmm… where have we seen it?

How about if you turn an enemy into an ally? Trun a hellhole into a prosperous country? Is it possible? It does seem to be.

This is one quote from Sun Tzu that deserves a LOT of attention, IMO. Read it slowly.

Ok, bear with me, and perhaps read it again. People's expectations are potent things.

So, knowing how they think, you engage them in the exact sense of their expectations.

That way, you can pretty much anticipate their reaction, right?

THAT is an edge, in warfare.

Other concept: to always be in readiness, having made our positions unassailable.

Just think how that applies to our daily interactions in the web.

It is really a work that can only be done by each individual.

Knowledge is power; be it in ancient China, or in the World Wide Web.

So, take advantage of technology and educate yourself, FOR REAL, don't just repeat slogans and catchphrases.
Don't be surface skaters.

We make ourselves unassailable, and wait for the enemy to grant us victory.

So, as the great General Napoleon Bonaparte would say:

The same way you will try to disguise your capabilities, so will the enemy. Do not let him. Force him to show his hand.

That's pretty much what we are doing here. Forcing MSM's and Big Tech's hand.

ALSO; we do NOT expect to be informed of all things happening.

That is the way it is: the secret operations guide the open actions of the "army".


This is a message tailored, it seems, to our days:

That does not even scratch the surface of this great book.

BUT, I think it's very useful content for our revolution.

That was "The Art of War" for today



Bring my my Broadsword /and clear understanding

Bring me my cross of gold / as a Talisman

Go tell that long tongue liar

Go and tell that midnight rider

Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter

Tell 'em that god's gonna cut 'em down

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