• Paul Serran

The Return of Q

I confess that I tried my very best not to address this question that is on every mind on the revolution:

"Will Q ever post again?"
"If so, when?"

We are not privy to the reasoning of the White Hats, so we really can't say for sure. It remains entirely possible that Q will never post again.

It's sad to even write it, but POTUS is doing Q stuff out in the open every single day. It changes NOTHING in the fight.

The problem with a phasing-out of Q is that WE seek and want validation. WE want every living soul to know that WE were not wrong, after all. That WE were not crazy. That WE were not mindless Russian bots.

But is this really important? I know it appeases our ego, but is it REALLY a vital question? Compared to the end of enemy infiltration, end to the endless wars, end to child trafficking, end to Muslim mass migration, end to Fed monetary tyranny, quashing the threat of socialism… is our ego big in this equation?

Having said that, I do honestly believe Q is coming back. And I will try to explain why.

That we know of, the only reason Q is radio silent is because 8chan was taken offline, on an unprecedented attack on free speech. There may have been other reasons, but it is ridiculous to speculate without any basis.

Code Monkey for the chan has been keeping us appraised of the progress on the new tech for the new 8chan. More dramatically, the account for infinite chan has released a VERY impactful and professionally done promo video with a striking new logo and even a new brand: 8kun.

I fail to see what other attractions the board has that can deserve this buildup. It has to be because of one of the top influencers in the Web, even according to enemy press (Time Magazine). It has to be because of the BIGGEST INTEL DROP IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND.

So, when?

I will say something: the most obvious date to return would be on October 28th, on the second anniversary of the first drops. Of course, I hope it's much earlier. How about today?

The real question would be: when will 8chan return? I expect Q to return immediately along.

On the other hand, if Q (and/or 8kun) has not returned by November, I will start thinking Q will not return at all - which, as I said earlier, would be no catastrophe.

You have more than you know.

But, by now, all data I have access to still points to a very imminent return. So buckle up, things may be about to get even more real.

Rio de Janeiro, October 7th, 2019

Paul Serran

© 2019 BY PAUL SERRAN - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil