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The Island

Updated: Oct 12, 2019



The video below is less than 2 minutes long.

Take a look at it and tell me if there is any reasonable, normal explanation for that.

The season is open to the "WTF is wrong with this temple?" crowd.

We get daily developments on the Epstein arrest and prosecution, and suddenly all eyes are glued to this *unbelievable* story.

But, as much as normies have learned of the disturbing intel surrounding this case, there is a whole dimension to it that they have not yet glimpsed.

So, today, I assembled a massive (but not exhaustive) collection of Q drops.

That will shield us from all the misunderstanding and misinformation going on right now.

When the most disturbing aspect of the case hit, we will be there for relatives or friends caught unaware by such pure evil.

This is a story about the takedown of the King of Pedophiles and his friends.


My MO is: many questions on the Q drops are "YES" questions. Many others are answered in the drop itself. Many require further research in Open Sources. And some are honestly beyond my current understanding.

We have to begin with this statement from Q drop 3, posted in October 29th, 2017.

Take a breath, drink a glass of water.

The rabbit hole is deep and disturbing.

The prevailing theory among well-informed Anons is that we are - unfortunately - looking at a resurgence of the Canaanite cult of child-sacrificing Moloch.


I understand that it *seems* absurd to state that Moloch worship is shaping so much of the life of the world's super elites.

Well, all I can say is the world is turning out to be a pretty absurd place.

Child sacrifice, like offered to Moloch, is THE most profound taboo in the great monotheistic religions of planet earth.

In a sense, all our civilization is born when Abraham does NOT kill Isaac, using the sacrificial lamb, and instituting a symbolic alliance via the circumcision.

This is an excerpt of Q drop 133, from November 11th, 2017. I ask you to read it very carefully. On the next tweet I will post a long analysis of this content.

This is my Q drop 133 analysis.

You probably still do not *want* to believe the Moloch angle. I understand.

But please, then, explain the following drone videos in a normal, natural manner that does not involve Satanic practices.

Exhibit A: the center Sundial on the Island.

Look at the imagery.

Look at the sacrificial stones at the "open", "magic" hours.

By all means, do come up with a reasonable, secular explanation for all that.

Exhibit B: the hunting grounds.


What else do you figure that seemingly "pre-historic plaza de toros" is meant for?

Look at how, on "Epstein-friendly" Google images, this space is artificially disguised as a tennis court.

Exhibit C: the temple.

Look how massive it is.

And how strange, even without the gilded dome and the bird (Owl?) statues on top.

What in the world can the purpose of this T-E-M-P-L-E be?

Now is as good a time as any to talk about how the Owl has become a contemporary symbol for Moloch.

The most accepted explanation is that the Owl represents the Egyptian hieroglyph of the letter [M].

You may find strange that a seemingly Canaanite cult has a lot of Egyptian elements.

Exactly! That's the very nature of Satanism: they do a mish-mash of different elements from different cultures and come up with some aberration that has no real spiritual meaning.

Post 999, April 3rd, 2018. The burying of the Epstein Island tunnels will be returned to. Meanwhile, let's talk about this:

Usurper Pope Francis obeyed the Master, now-convicted pedophile Archbishop Pell, who was a Clinton-Cabal plant.

I'll explain.

Like so many politicians and heads of state, the Argentinean Usurper is nothing but a puppet.

The real power was Australian Archbishop George Pell, serving a jail sentence for child sexual abuse of two boys, after a jury returned a unanimous guilty verdict.

He held the Secretariat for the Economy with authority over all economic activities of the Vatican City State.

A group of Catholic leaders has denounced a "coup" in Vatican, orchestrated by Democrats and Globalists, that ousted Benedict XVI and pushed the socialist puppet in his stead.

See this email sent to John Podesta, calling for a "Catholic Spring", for a revolution in the Catholic Church.

Even leftist vehicles admit the Church was totally infiltrated.

Now a convicted and imprisoned felon, serial child abuser Pell is no longer running the show.

Pell and Francis are still to meet their real day of reckoning.


Q Drop 1 made us a promise, yet to be completely fulfilled.

Drop 1000 showed the smoking gun that'll bring her down.

The underground tunnels were filled in, at great cost, but material evidence and witnesses do exist.

Drop 1001: all roads lead to Rome. Human sacrifice and blood collection.

D-Room H D-Room R D-Room C

Pure EVIL.

"Each prince is associated with a cardinal direction: north, south, east and west."

I had the *not enviable* task of researching, and found that the four princes of hell are: Satan rules the North, Belial rules the South, Leviathan rules the East and Lucifer rules the west.

There correspond 4 major building structures on the Island.

It's not completely aligned in terms of Cardinal points, but it would look a bit like that.

April 6th, 2018: drop 1055 begins the takedown of Slick Willy.

He is depicted with a then-unknown underage girl, Rachel Chandler, on the Lolita Express, Epstein's plane.

This will eventually be the undoing of Bill Clinton.


Chandler became the object of many, many posts.

In this one, Eminem seems implicated in the whole affair.

Immediately, it became extremely likely that her social media was used to advertise sexually-trafficked kids.

Q tells us to report this to the authorities.

And report we did, at the same time where we found more and more disturbing content of trafficked kids openly displayed in social media.

She was the C(hild) HANDLER.

Her social contacts, and her persona, were slowly being uncovered.

Anons reporting the disturbing content "en masse".

April 7th gave us a glimpse on the satanic underground hell under the temple in Epstein's Island.

Think about that: she was openly posting this on social media.


Unconfirmed reports in April 2018 have the Island engulfed in a massive fire.

Drop 1413, May 17th, 2018.

Look who has his own personal pet Owl!

m o l o c h

In August 15th, the Island is - thankfully - listed by Q as one of the Child-trafficking centers that were neutralized.

Now we return to this, from the beginning:

Apart from putting Anons on the trail of the Epstein flight Logs, Q gave this detailed explanations of the 2 sides to this horrifying story:

So far, only [1] has entered the arena of public knowledge.

[1] - Sex Resort >>> trafficked & drugged underage girls

[2] - Occult / Worship of Evil (temple)

I'm tired of seeing people misidentify the men in this photo.

I don't care, it means there are AMPLE photo evidence of the misdeeds of BC in the context of underage girls procured by Epstein via Ray Chandler.

By now she is one the most portrayed characters in the Q drops.


Read this carefully.

This is stated clearly, with no ambiguity. That is what we will be faced with.

Take a breath. Have another glass of water. I know I will.

Chandler disguised her work as a "talent scout".

Where are they now?

Of course, as we saw in the testimony of Virginia Roberts (see older thread in the end of this one), Prince Andrew of England is deeply connected.

After we went through the NXIVM trial, and understood the role of actress Allison Mack procuring branded sex-slaves for her master Keith Raniere, JUST IMAGINE:


Chandler is said to be connected to the infamous The Standard Hotel in New York.

Like most facts Q points out, Chandler's connection to The Standard Hotel is clearly found in Open Source Intel - OSINT.

The connections to the Roths is a fixture throughout this story, as we will see.

More disturbing content by RC keeps being unveiled.

Things we so wish we did not see.

So Q keeps pushing for Anons to notify the authorities.

You can be sure this has had an impact on the resurgence of the charges against Epstein.

With Jeffrey Epstein arrested and charged (and with many more charges yet to come), Bill Clinton had denied ever having been in the Island, or to have been involved with underage girls.

But WE ARE THE NEWS, NOW - and that does not stick.


The first known investor of Epstein appears to have been his first client in many other ways.

Look at this blind item from "Crazy Days and Nights".

This is an explosive drop.

We can expect HUGE developments by August 2019.

That's two weeks from now. But what does it have to do with?

It has to do with this.

HRC video *with a child*

(**** * *****) - by now he have learned to decode and unredact on the fly.

[Impossible to defend].

It has to do - I'm sorry to add - with this.

The fact that Q dropped this post does not *necessarily* mean that this is entirely accurate, but it does mean they want us to be aware of that.


Take a breath. A sip of water never hurts.

Q has to remind some Anons (not me) that everything we see playing now was planted a long time ago by Jeff Sessions.

A lot more will be unsealed!

Q drop 3396 is another long post. Read it carefully. In the next tweet I will attempt an analysis of it.

Here we go: we are ready to take them down.

By the way, the "[M]-Temple" mentioned in drop 3396 is a sign for this, as we have already seen.

m o l o c h

An usual jokester is quite silent.



Is this normal?

A temple symbolize sacrifice.

An owl means Moloch.

16 channels of CCTV were photographed by RC and posted on her Instagram.

There are hallways, and stairs, too.

Q calls the attention to the bottom of the infamous picture.

The date of July 2013 is important.

Right now, Anons are scouring through social media and the Flight Logs for Lolita Express plane, making connections.

It indicates 4 floors, and a lot of depth.

Follow the date.


Hunters become the HUNTED.

Take another look at this, after all you've learned.

Can you really find a plausible, secular explanation?

More intel from Victoria's Secret's ties to Epstein.

ALSO: Ghislaine Maxwell is another BIG character linked to Epstein.

She has a shady family history, and is said to be involved in both the trafficking and the Satanic arms of the enterprise, both in the US and the UK.

Few things can be more despicable than child-traffickers disguised as filantropists for children.


(86) Epstein is being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, a fortress-like jail that has been criticized by inmates and lawyers for harsh conditions, and has been called “tougher than Guantánamo Bay.”

He is being kept in isolation.

There's Ghislaine again, and with another Roth.

They are all now coming into the LIGHT.

And Maxwell will also BURN, BABY, BURN!

This is way more than cleaning corrupt players in Washington. It's a planetary fight against the Elite Satanists.

Take another look at the temple, if you will.

At how the massive door was built to KEEP people IN, not to keep them out.

The fight is just beginning.

We will see that Epstein and his accomplices be prosecuted (this time) to the fullest extent of the law.


However long and difficult the struggle ahead, let me give you a nice spoiler: GOD WINS.

You may want to check my earlier thread on the earlier investigations and the cover-up of Epstein's case in Florida: https://ppserran.wixsite.com/allthingsq/post/a-qanon-thread-a-pedophile-s-tale-in-3-acts

That was my #QAnon thread on "The Island".


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