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The Hunt for Nunes

A #QAnon thread about Devin Gerald Nunes, a congressman from California, who serves as chairman of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

This thread will not cover all the achievements of this rising star in the Republican party, and also will not address all the challenges he faces.

But, by looking at all the mentions to Nunes in the Q drops, we can learn quite a lot about WHY Devin Nunes is now the TARGET of such a MASSIVE coordinated ATTACK by the MSM.

The Hunt for Nunes.

Actually, it isn't any wonder that they also want to "smear" him by associating him with us "tinfoil-hatters" from #TheStorm.

On January 19, Q states that the "Nunes Memo" about the Steele Dossier and the illegal spying on POTUS' campaign was the ultimate red pill.

So, we had to push for POTUS declassification of the document, that Nunes drafted after seeing the secret documents of the case.

When POTUS finally declassified the Nunes Memo, and it was released to the public, it was widely attacked, of course, in the MSM, and called "controversial".

But the fact is that, even while they criticized it, the MSM wound up having to publicize the text.

This weekly Standard article will be mentioned a few times:

Drop 666:

"Why did the #Memo drop a Friday [& before the SB]? Did this seem strange to you?"

"20/20 coming. PUBLIC is VITAL. RELEASE of INFO VITAL."

"Can we simply arrest the opposition w/o first exposing the TRUTH?"

So, there you have it: while DOJ is building up the prosecutions of the many D crimes, Nunes and other congressional leaders have the VITAL role of raising up awareness of these crimes BEFORE the prosecutions are unveiled.

Drop 1125 is quite short, but packed with information.

This Sarah Carter tweet:

"What was just released to Nunes?"

Still on drop 1125, see this NYT piece:

This is the excerpt that I find relevant, here: the INTEL Nunes received from Cohen-Watkins.

Devin is the one pushing the truth into the American homes about the illegal spying of POTUS' campaign, transition team and early presidency.

Nunes has been deeply involved in the effort to have more and more documents released by DOJ.

May 16: No Such Agency versus Clown in America.

This is what the drop was making reference to:

Drop 1496: the IG Report was edited and redacted by [RR]. The ability of Nunes and other congressional leaders to push for docs is a integral part of the plan.

Nunes had an interesting Q moment that started like this: he asked Twitter for a tip on a certain person that appears redacted in the IG Report.

Q replied with a riddle poem.

Nunes tweeted "grab the pop-corn".

And Q states that this was related to Anons having asked Q that POTUS say "pop-corn".

POTUS has expressed his deep support for this "true American Patriot".

July 3, we see Nunes breaking down the illegal chain of custody that the international "5 Eyes" espionage product was subject to.

In late July, the release of a redacted FISA application makes it clear: the Nunes Memo was correct.

We start to see Q writing about [20], and how related this is to the increasing D panic reflected in the MSM.

Of course, it's about the 20 pages for the Carter Page FISA Application. This is the silver bullet that will bring down the Russia probe and [RR], as well as HRC, DNC and many crooked players.

I will, later in the week, do a full thread just on this drop breaking down the FISA impact and implications.

FISA violations will be "impossible to defend".

Nunes has made it abundantly clear that the redactions in the document released were NOT done for National Security purposes.

He now refers to it as the "phony FISA". And with all this work and debate, the issue is becoming a familiar one to the American public.

and Q have been hammering this for some time, now. It is a mirrored version of the "Memo". POTUS will declassify when it can cause the most damage to the bad actors.

And so, we come to the moment where MSM coordinated a MASSIVE attack on Nunes.

"Coordinated effort to silence/remove?"

Recorded clandestinely in a fundraiser speech, Nunes said that Republicans have to keep the House in midterms, lest the D's would try to impeach POTUS at all costs. FACT.

He also said that to try to impeach [RR] now would disturb the confirmation process of new SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh.


So, what's the big deal?

Nunes also did not take the attacks too seriously.

This article has been quoted in the beginning of the thread.

He drives them Crazy!

He is one of the reasons we know about that, today.

So it's #Declassify time!

This is dedicated, with deep respect, to @DevinNunes

Read what POTUS has to say about this "Great American Hero".

That was "The Hunt for Nunes" for today



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