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The Five Eyes | FVEY

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If you are like me, you probably just became aware that the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand had an Intelligence Sharing agreement called "5 EYES".

They use this agreement to illegally spy on their citizens, circumventing their own legislations. And now, they were trying to criminally unseat a legitimate US president.

It all began back in WWII, when the fate of the free world pretty much depended on the Allies' ability to intercept the Nazi German electronic communications.

That basically meant telegraph and radio messages. Of course, those messages were transmitted in code, so the decryption of these codes was a major necessity.

The British turned out to be very good at that, and they assembled a team, which included women, in their Government Code and Cipher School, in Bletchley Park.

One of the most decisive triumphs of the team led by mathematician Alan Turing was the breaking of the "Enigma" code.

This was possible because the British countered the progressive mechanization of the German encryption machines with their own decryption machines.

In the process they created Colossus, the world's first computer.

The access to German comms may have shortened the war in some two years, and was a vital instrument to victory. This comms, of course, had to be shared between the allies.

So, in 1941, the Atlantic Charter was drafted, which then became the Brusa Agreement in 1943, and finally, in 1946, the UKUSA Agreement, the basis for all signal intelligence cooperation between the US and the UK to this day.

With the advent of the Cold War, the need for Intel gathering intensified, and massive capabilities were built, that would later be used to spy against ordinary citizens.

In 1955, the UKUSA was expanded with the participation of Canada, Australia and New Zealand, as the AUSCANNZUKUS agreement, or the "5 EYES".

The first mention of Five Eyes in the Q drops that I found is from March. Q remarks, rather surprisingly, that the Agreement's days are numbered.

While this seems a bit odd, I did find this crazy futuristic "fictional article" about how the 5 Eyes "ended". The head of British GCHQ resigned 5 days after his inauguration.

In April, we learn from Q that not only where the 5 Eyes conducting illegal surveillance of POTUS and his people, but they were also trying to infiltrate the team, and frame them.

How bad is that? Well, pretty bad. We are talking about 21 Intel agencies, including some of the most experienced, skilled and well equipped in the world.

This article deals with the - by now - widely known fact that BHO used British Intel to illegally spy on POTUS in a way that didn't leave a trace of evidence to him.

Throughout the decades, many famous people were targets of the 5 Eyes cross-spying. But the situation here is much worse.

See this excerpt of this last article: this is some very serious crime.

See this 2013 interview with Edward Snowden, about how it has turned into a "supra-national intelligence organization that doesn't answer to the known laws of its own countries"

In this May Q drop, we learn that New Zealand has donated to the moribund C Foundation, AND - shocker! - that former dignitaries (D's) retain their security clearance to see the 5 Eyes Intel.

In a Q drop in June we learn that [RR] was in a visit where the people responsible for the illegal spying were present.

In early July, Q suggests we re-read the FVEY drops (as we are doing), and posts the link to the following article.

Devin Nunes referred 10 BHO high-level officials for investigations by the House Judiciary and Oversight Task Force.

They are believed to have received and distributed 5 Eyes Intel through unofficial channels.

So, #Spygate will probably become an increasingly hot topic as we approach re-election day…

That was "The Five Eyes | FVEY" for today.



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