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The First Domino

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

When history looks back on Andrew McCabe, chances are people will see a partisan hack who self-destroyed after decades of public service.

They will probably also know him to have been the first domino in the reckoning of the "Spygate" bad players.

During the "Renegade" years, McCabe kept climbing to higher and higher FBI positions, until he got to be Deputy Director of the Bureau.

When James Comey was fired as FBI director, the treasonous media showed its wishful thinking, hoping for "Andy" to be chosen for the position.

Little did they know about the real plans AG Jeff Sessions had for him.

It is probably not surprising that McCabe was running an investigation into Sessions, too. Talk about an infiltrated enemy.

Soon, we learn McCabe was *also* under investigation for illegal leaks in the Clinton email case, called the "Mid-Year Exam".

The man chosen to lead the FBI was the former federal prosecutor Christopher Wray.

Q drop 247. The DNC stacks the deck with puppets. Number 2 (McCabe) was controlled via his wife connection.


Who is number 2? McCabe.


December 2017, POTUS begins to throw light on the fact that McCabe's wife received Clinton-affiliated money for her political campaign DURING THE INVESTIGATION of HRC.

McCabe, in his emails, reveal just how much he colluded with the press to get ahead of this potentially career-killing story.

It was already pretty clear McCabe was going down. But when? POTUS touts him fiercely.

Q post 449 reminds us that Q team brought McCabe's conflict of interest to light *before* POTUS did.

Soon, it was mentioned in the Q drops the relationship between McCabe and his boss, treasonous, lying-leaking-James-Comey.

Pay great attention to the decoding from Q of this Tweet from Comey to his number 2.


As bad as he may be, 'Andy' is still only a pawn in the hands of much greater criminals. He is becoming a liability, and he knows it. He is, after all, the first domino.

Here, for the first time, POTUS alludes to the McCabe story that Rosenstein had offered to wear a wire to frame him and invoke the 25th amendment.

Treasonous operators trying to subvert the constitutionally elected president.

Immediately POTUS starts branding the actions as "treasonous".

BOOOOM: Treason!

From lying and leaking, to manufacturing a false investigation against an elected president, to actively scheming to overthrow said government, things look pretty bad for McCabe.

POTUS trolls like no one.

Worse than being called a criminal, is to have your subservience to Comey shouted at the four winds.

McCabe's wife wrote an op-ed defending herself.

It's sad how relatives of bad players get caught in the web of corruption.

POTUS spells it: to point a CLEAR sign of corruption is hardly a personal attack.

March 17th, 2018. McCabe is fired from the Bureau - a few hours before qualifying to a full pension.

This is one of the hardest slaps in the face of someone's reputation that I ever saw in my life.

Wray explains how McCabe's firing was done "by the book".

You know a specific player is rotten when he has his defense taken up by *John-freaking-Brennan*.

I'm just saying.

Devin Nunes released his FISA Memo, the first light shone in the Spygate scandal. Among the revelations, this: McCabe admitted in secret congressional meeting the FISA warrants on Trumps team only existed because of the fraudulent Steele Dossier.

He started a series of appeals, trying to delay the inevitable.

POTUS uses the outrage of the mockingbirds to once again spell the OBVIOUS criminal behavior of the McCabes during the "Mid-Year Exam".

DOJ Inspector General Horowitz releases findings on McCabe, and send them to prosecutors for possible charges.

By now, POTUS had kept us very well informed about the McCabe role in the Clinton investigation cover-up.

Andy is playing the victim.

Perhaps there's not much else he can do.

It's not easy being the first domino to fall.

McCabe was one of the people who signed the fraudulent FISA applications, that gave birth to the WITCH HUNT. They were feeding leaks to crooked media, and inserting those as "corroborating evidence", in a criminal circular maneuver.

Comey finds himself more and more depending on the silence of McCabe.

The McCabe memos are the source to the NYT story about Rosenstein wanting to wear a wire to record and try to snare POTUS.

Q drop 2697 is one many instances where they remind us of just how many FBI people had been fired so far - from Comey and McCabe on down.

And to think that a few months earlier they expected Andy to be the next director! How deluded can they be?

A very irregular, high-level meeting took place hours after the election of POTUS.

Obama's Deputy AG, Sally Yates, was into the discussions about having Rosenstein wear a wire to try and entrap POTUS.

As we can see, lying and leaking are the least of McCabe's judicial worries.



Also, we learn that there were strong objections inside the DOJ to the use of the Steele Dossier as a source for FISA applications.

Bad players in the FBI and DOJ were making pressure to have this objections overcome.

And, of course, they lied to FISA court denying highly compromised Steele was not the source of their intel.

So when we see McCabe about to be charged for illegal leaking in the Clinton email case, we KNOW that this is just a "placeholder" charge, that will immobilize him, and prepare the way for far graver charges.

The long line of appeals by Andy seem to be over, now.

All the Obama flunkies have circled the wagons around him.

Now Andy doesn't even have to pretend not to be a partisan hack anymore.

More and more, Andrew McCabe is becoming a liability to the Spygate plotters.

So it's only natural that he has publicly vowed never to take a deal if prosecuted.


After all, his handlers know that McCabe can take them all down.

They know: once the first domino falls, the momentum picks up and becomes unstoppable. PAIN is incoming.

That was my #QAnon thread about "The First Domino".


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