• Paul Serran

The Big Casino

My Mom died an year ago, of Cancer.

The big Casino.

That was not fair and, in a sense, totally connected to our struggle here in the conservative revolution.

So, they didn't release the cures soon enough to save my Mom. My Dad also died of Cancer, 10 years before her. Both of them had beaten a first bout of the roulette (two bouts in my Mom's case), had been cured, and later in life succumbed to resurgences of the disease.

For me, joining #TheStorm in late 2017 seemed to be entirely about justice, at first - and it took me quite a while to understand that the real goal was the #GreatAwakening, and a new renaissance of the Western societies.

That being the case, the destruction of the kaleidoscope of all these lies the cabal imposes on us becomes paramount. In many ways, the Secret Space Program and the Secret Cure for Cancer are the two sides of the same coin.



M O R E .

In Latin America nearly so many of the socialist leaders had Cancer, and with the exception of Hugo Chaves, they all got better, never to be bothered again with that. It becomes pretty obvious they had access to different medical solutions than the average person. And don't even get me started on Justice Ginsberg!

They stacked the odds in this infernal Casino, so hunters get to be victors and sheep head to the slaughter.



M O R E .

The most cruel aspect of their refusal to release the cures is that they do release palliative treatments that are expensive, and many times as severe on the patient's health as the ailment itself. That's torture, the way I see it.

Big Pharma owes me. Big Pharma owes all of us.

One way or another, they will pay. Obviously, they have a wall of crooked slaves in congress and many other public offices, so we will have to flay through them first. GOOD. That'll be my pleasure. Rip them all a new asshole.

They used to hold all the chips, and have the winning cards stashed up their sleeve. This is no longer true, and unless they get off their butt and release all this very quickly, they will get caught in the storm like so many bad players.

The Sheep have awaken, and are about to overthrow this wicked table of sin and death.

Rio de Janeiro, October 2th, 2019

Paul Serran

© 2019 BY PAUL SERRAN - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil