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The greatest political scandal in US history - to date.

Sloppy, over-confident and careless government crooks trying to fix an election, and - when they lose - covering their tracks with a fake narrative.

They never thought any investigation would take place.

They never thought she would lose.

This complex chain of operations was detailed in this recent Q drop.

I thank the many Anons who helped me decode this letter soup. 👾

Breakdown: 44th White House crooks colluded with HRC campaign and DNC to illegally spy on POTUS' campaign.

And subsequently they developed a cover-up story to justify it: "The Russia Collusion" narrative.

FISA warrants were fraudulently obtained to spy on POTUS campaign.

DNC and the HRC campaign colluded with UK's Prime Minister May and MI6 to spy on POTUS' campaign.

British Intel supplied Clowns with the surveillance, since the Agency can't operate on American soil.

That included the telephone tapping and ambient bugging of Trump Tower in New York.

Admiral Rogers from the NSA was NOT among the conspirators, and warned POTUS that his HQ were tapped and bugged.

BHO issued 3 classified National Security Orders authorizing spying on POTUS' campaign. That was a BIG MISTAKE, since POTUS now have the complete authority to de-classify it all.

Q talks about 4 meetings to arrange this deep and wide illegal spying net - including the infamous TARMAC meeting, where BC offered AG Lynch a SCOTUS seat for squashing the HRC server investigation.

The DNC and HRC campaign used the conservative political journalism website The Washington Free Beacon as a shell company in their effort to build a fake dossier on POTUS and his campaign.

The Washington Free Beacon hired law firm Perkins Coie, and had them pay the commercial research and strategic intelligence firm Fusion GPS to build what became the "salacious and unverified dossier".

Christopher Steele was the man in charge of the dossier. He was handled by DOJ's Bruce Ohr, whose wife worked at Fusion GPS.

Bruce's wife, Nellie Ohr, even went through the pains for getting a license for a HAM radio, in the (vain) hopes of evading NSA surveillance.

The intel from the illegal espionage was always included in the BHO's Presidential Daily Briefing, so there's NO WAY he can claim plausible deniability.

Brennan and Comey were leaking the PDB material to the MSM.

The Bureau helped craft the fake dossier, covered up the fraudulent VISA spying, and - at the same time - exonerated HRC from her server investigation.

DOJ played along, with the AG Lynch hoping to get HRC to live up to her end of the deal when she won.

But of course, POTUS won - and their nightmares began. They had to get the cover-up going.

Yates' team, plus Bruce Ohr, Christopher Steele and senator Sydney Blumenthal helped set-up the "Russian Collusion" narrative under way.

DNI director Clapper lied to congress, and denied Trump Tower was wiretapped.

The C_A had 5 plants on the campaign to snare POTUS.

Perkins Coie paid almost a million to Fusion GPS to craft the dossier. It was then given to "No Name" to leak to the press.

In the end, they got nothing, but left a long trail of material and testimonial evidence to their many crimes.

This is the greatest scandal in US history - to date. #TheStorm is bound to bring even greater crimes to Justice. The draining of the swamp is ongoing.

That was "SPYGATE" for today.



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