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Spider Webs

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

A ***REPOST*** #QAnon thread about the Global Child Trafficking networks.

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One of the most disturbing aspects of studying the Q drops is to learn the truth about the Global Networks of Child Trafficking, and how it shapes the geo-political realities on our world.

It is also one the most important themes, galvanizing many brands of patriots against the crimes committed to serve the monstrous appetites of the world's super elites.

This thread revolves around Q drop 1884, from August 15th. Here we learn the status of many Spider Webs around the world, the main exporting centers of enslaved children.

The first place with access closed is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Look at this picture of treasonous JK and the former Saudi King. See how their chairs rest upon a carpet with flowers.

Q has unveiled for us the disturbing symbolism of the flowers in this context.

We learn from drop 75 that SA was a "safe harbor" and port of transfer" for these activities.

Associated with this Spider Web we find the recurring expression "Alice & Wonderland".

And in this drop we find explained openly the simple but very disturbing meaning of that.

This made us wonder about the dangerous secret world we entered when we "followed the white rabbit".

Right after the Q drops started, in November 2017, good Saudi King Salman unleashed his HISTORIC anti-corruption purge, that, Q tells us, "broke one of the sides of the pyramid".

A dozen princes, hundreds of billionaires were arrested and had their power neutralized, including the puppet-master of many leading American bad actors.

The effect of stopping child trafficking activities in SA is detailed in this drop.

***More than 3K enslaved children were freed at once.***

Still in drop 1884, we learn of a series of other Spider Webs were "access" was closed.

To begin with, we have the E Island, favored resort for super celebrities, political leaders and royalty. The tunnels underneath the temple are said to have been buried at great cost.

The temple has stopped its activities, but Q has let us know that there are plenty of evidence - "phones were allowed in".

Other Spider Webs started to become subjects that are dealt with in the press.

The most obvious example is Haiti, another target of trafficking were access was closed.

We see, even in the press, how this may be related to the problems of the C foundation, and its associates arrested for Child Trafficking.

Another Spider Web closed was North Korea. See how BC's chair and that of the former NK leader also rest on the flowers of the carpet.

To what extent did the access to this "garden" influence the relations between former American administrations and the NK dictatorship we may never know.

Access in China was also closed, according to Q.

Q has hinted that the Chinese operation was somehow linked to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, this upside-down cross building.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange also has this sculpture in front of it. The symbolism behind it sparked much speculation among patriots.

Russia also closed its lanes of Sex Child Trafficking.

Drop 632 exposes Snowden and Weinstein as Clown agents, and somehow involved with Russia and the whole Spider Web scheme.

Cuba also said to have closed its Spider Web. It has no free press, but this is what the US State Department had to say in 2010.

Allow me to bring back drop 1884. You notice that some centers are listed as "access pending", meaning: the struggle to close this "markets" is ongoing.

5 Spiders Webs still have not been neutralized.

You see that Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Somalia are all in North Africa and the Middle East. That is another reason why peace in this region is so vital.

One Spider Web that Q dealt with extensively is in Syria.

Q called our attention to the spider web motifs in the doors behind No Name and the Isis terrorists.

He also mentioned web markers in other buildings.

MANY patriots scoured the Syrian maps looking for clues, and what I found was this Mosque complex.

Examining the drop, we see that pressure is being applied on the "pending" markets by both the Saudi Arabian Kingdom and the US. It's a joint effort.

We fight mass migration, cultural invasion, Sharia law, Muslim grooming gangs, but Q reminds us that there are good people in the Islamic world fighting for light. Real heroes of #TheStorm. "The world is watching".

That was "Spider Webs" *** REPOST*** for today.



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