• Paul Serran

Social Media Summit

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

A video thread about the transmission of the White House Social Media Summit.

To prove POTUS' worries about conservative online censorship were greatly exaggerated, this lovely platform WENT DOWN during the transmission of the White House Social Media Summit. So this guitarist from a faraway land edited 12 short clips to tell you what he's learned.

The president greets his guests as journalists and influencers - not as the "trolls" that mockingbirds are suggesting.

Apart from having to boost his great accomplishments, POTUS loves self-deprecating humor. Here he asks himself if he would have been elected without social media. Golden.

POTUS presents Mr. Scavino - and everyone was naturally glad to him for being selected. ⭐️

Lovely tale/joke about the impact of "his Dan". His work with online content producers is more important than traditional publicity people.

I love this off-script rant by POTUS. He feels just as I do about his account and his views and followers. GOLDEN. He talks about some explosive tweets, and some conservatives banned.

Back to the written statement POTUS talks about how influencers bypass the establishment and media. He thanks them.

He says IN MANY cases they get the true word out. Not everyone. Straight talk.

POTUS pledges a fight for free speech, and announces a meeting with BIG TECH leaders.

POTUS talks about the military rebuilding, and we learn that he does NOT like flies.

An appreciated departure from the past, I'm sure.

Shadowbanning and blocking. Only to conservatives.

Look how POTUS repeatedly associates BIG TECH with China. This is monster troll level! GOLDEN.

POTUS vows to intervene in the ongoing censure.

Straight talk like I've never heard: some people are "out there", and deserve to be deplatformed. 🤪

I happen to agree that not everyone in our political field is very nice.

A meeting with BIG TECH will take place in next weeks.

POTUS vows to bring more transparency, accountability, and freedom.

As for the post-Summit scuffle in the Rose Garden: we are kicking their asses on the ratings and engagements.

We are prepared to kick their asses period - should this become imperative.

Looks who thinks that way, too!

That was my video thread about the "Social Media Summit".


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