• Paul Serran

Saving the World

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

"You have more than you know"

I remember, growing up, when I thought that "saving the world" was a metaphor, and that it basically dealt with our own self improvement - both as a person, and collectively as a human race.

I still know this to be true, in a sense. But, nowadays, I unfortunately have a much better-informed opinion about what *saving the world* really means.

My earlier self, in the late 20th century, would have a real problem believing how many people in the west are now in such a rush to self-destroy. The strangling grip of Globalism has more and more people oblivious to their own best interests, and focused only in pandering to the popular narrative of the day.

I guess normalizing abortions as 'healthcare' was the *gateway drug*, so now we are in full flight - with manifold efforts of normalizing pedophilia; inventing transgenderism in children; treating matter-of-factly elite elders taking young-blood transfusions for rejuvenating; 'scientists' normalizing cannibalism to fight - guess what? - "climate change".

Also, it is impossible not to see the brazen normalizing efforts regarding Satanism. The final frontier: re-accepting child sacrifice and torture in our fold.


This is where all of us in the #GreatAwakening make a stand and say: THEY SHALL NOT PASS.

It's a hill we are willing to have THEM die on. So far, we have been more than happy to allow law enforcement agencies to lead the charge. But eventually the sheep may rise and destroy its overlords, so they should be afraid, so very afraid.

We live in an information world. What we see out there is an information war - among other things. That is, in a way, fortunate for me, because that's what I'm good at: analyzing intel, organizing it in a storytelling array, and extrapolating upon it to anticipate future actions as much as possible.

And boy! - in this war, I have had to use EVERY SINGLE THING I learned in my life and career. I have this odd feeling that all my life I was gearing up to this.

It's been almost two years in #TheStorm, and how have the world changed! In some ways, it has changed for the worse, but mainly what we see is the beam of light shinning bright and spreading around the world. A world worth saving, after all.

Paul Serran

Rio de Janeiro, September 28th, 2019.

© 2019 BY PAUL SERRAN - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil