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Save the Americas: Addressing the Continental threat.

A #GreatAwakening thread .

Dedicated to @realDonaldTrump, @VP, @SecPompeo, @AmbJohnBolton, @SenRickScott and @marcorubio.

Most of what I do here is to defend policies by POTUS. I do that, not out of a sense of duty, but because they are kickass policies that are saving the American Republic.

That's what I will do today, but regarding a subject many patriots chose to turn a deaf ear: Venezuela.

This policy will be articulated, here, by the president and his two most trusted advisers in this issue: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Ambassador John Bolton.

Also, we will have a lot of input from Florida's two combative senators, Rick Scott and Marco Rubio.

Let me just begin by saying: I am not from Venezuela.

I'm Brazilian, and live in Rio de Janeiro. I do, of course, have every reason to want this situation sorted out as fast as possible.

But my American friends have many more reasons to - and many do not know it.

By now, no one of us in the Conservative Revolution can claim not to know the true nature of Maduro's regime that is terrorizing, starving and slaughtering its own people.

You can't claim not to have knowledge of that anymore.

I have a dear Texan friend who said to me:

"I agree, Paul, but Brazilians and Colombians will have to deal with that. This is not our problem."

OH , NO? Let's see it from up close.

REALITY CHECK. My house in Rio is TWICE as far from Caracas, Venezuela, as is Miami.

My friend's house, in Texas, is also way closer. NY and DC, too. In fact, if you radiate north and west from Caracas, you'd have to go as far as Lincoln, Nebraska to be as removed as I am.

Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia… you have a BIG ongoing security threat in your proverbial "backyard". It's very unwise to dismiss that.

As I will show, all those drugs and Hezbollah fighters have a clear destination: YOUR HOMETOWN.

Another important point to clear up: Juan Guaidó is the legitimate interim president of Venezuela, fighting TWO dictatorships.

They have a shady Bolivarian Constitution, there, but everything is being done according to it.


That is NOT *just my opinion*, but OFFICIAL US Government policy.

Q writers defending the tyrant Maduro's legitimacy are in complete disagreement with POTUS on that - they should tell their readers upfront, instead of spewing "muh deep state" ridiculous bullshit.

All South American Countries support Guaidó, with the exception of usual troublemakers Cuba and Bolivia.

The vast majority of the Western Democratic Countries - be they conservatives or leftists - support president Guaidó, and reject Maduro's dictatorship.

Maduro can only count on support by the usual supervillains: Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea. Q writers defending the tyrant's legitimacy must be upfront about who they are siding with against POTUS, instead of spewing "muh deep state" ridiculous bullshit.

Guaidó's ascent to power could never be a "coup" since he has NO control of the State's security apparatus.

What he has is MASSIVE popular support by the desperate and courageous Venezuelan people.

Other DANGEROUS misconception: you trust Putin at your own peril. This is the official document for the KGB agent detached to STASI, the political police of East Germany, where he used an iron fist to uphold Moscow's rule over its subjects.

Because it is so close to Cuba and Venezuela, it's natural that Florida be the state where most activity is ongoing.

I've gained a lot of respect for Rick and Marco.

Whatever else you want to say about them, on this subject they have both been consistently SPOT ON.

So, this thread is my way of trying to make sense of POTUS' strategy, taking into account what I see as a "Paradigm Shift" (that's @martingeddes alley, right here) of thinking National Security more on terms of the "Western Hemisphere".

But before I do that, we need to understand how we got here.


This chapter will rely heavily on the most valuable research by @HeshmatAlavi, the top journalist covering the Iranian uprising.

Back in 2012, billionaire-real-estate-developer-turned- TV-star Donald Trump had this to say about Hugo Chaves and BHO:

By omission or direct collaboration, BHO stood by while Venezuela's Chaves and Iran's Ahmadinejad forged an alliance that could bring nightmare repercussions for the US.

2012. German Paper "Die Welt" breaks: Iran to build MISSILE base in Venezuela. YES, you read it right. This was like the Cuban Missile crisis once again.

Another piece on the Projected base:

You can see the different missiles and ranges involved, and also how Russia has a hand on this.

While the existence of the plans for the base were real, the existence of an actual base as of today is unlikely - but clearly within the realm of possibilities, and certainly something you should look forward to if you do not contain this threat.

And also, just the current capabilities of Venezuela pose a big enough threat, lest we forget what always happens in the air over the country when things escalate.

2015: Some of the things we find, here, seem "crazy improbable" to most people.

Of course, Anons and Patriots are not "most people".

So, a regular flight shipping drugs, weapons and Hezbollah fighters around is sadly NOT "simply unbelievable" for us.

The death of a high-profile Argentinean prosecutor investigating Iran, and a "scoop" by a Brazilian magazine: America, meet Aeroterror.

Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, Roger Noriega, in 2012.

The piece outlined how Iranian operatives had even reached DC, and how Venezuela awards Iran with a physical presence near US territory.

Yes, my friends, Aeroterror was a thing.

The less unusual - but just as scary - fact is that Venezuela is a Narcoregime.

Where - I ask you - where do you think all that drug is heading to?

YOUR HOMETOWN - that's where.

Take a good look at the state of things:

When POTUS arrives in power, there is even a question of HOSTAGES to straighten out.

Watch and listen to this clip of POTUS, early in his presidency:

Iran and Venezuela - together, building an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in South America.

Take a look at that, again. This is what you are facing all around you.

Tell me again, my Texan friend: how is that not about YOU? So, that is why we are here having this conversation. Let's move on.

So, Juan Guaidó was LAWFULLY sworn in as interim president of Venezuela in January, 2019. He has, from day one, the support of the whole civilized world.

Look at this picture. Guaidó is rising to history, but the assembly members all fear the BLODDY retribution from Maduro's regime. They were right to do, so: 1/3 of Assembly Members have, to this day, had their parliamentary immunities stripped.

The US administration has had no doubt, from day one, which is the legitimate side.

He has extended significant public recognition of Guaidó, and much more, of the uprising of the Venezuelan people. To call this a "coup" makes you look ridiculous.

Q writers shamelessly defending the tyrant Maduro's legitimacy must be upfront with their readers about the fact that they are siding AGAINST POTUS and against the Venezuelan people, instead of just spewing "muh deep state" ridiculous bullshit.

Look at Kansas! Secretary Pompeo talks candidly about Venezuela, Cuba and Russia. LEARN FROM HIM.

POTUS proclaims that a new day is born in Venezuela! What's that? hmmmm… WESTERN HEMISPHERE!

Our hemisphere matters.

Soviet-Lover, Crazy Bernie Sanders, who never met a socialist dictatorship that he didn't love, OF COURSE, is backing Maduro. Q writers defending Maduro must be upfront with their readers about who they side with, instead of spewing "muh deep state" ridiculous bullshit.

Senator Rick Scott, for one, is not letting Crazy Bernie off the hook so easily!

US administration is working hard to close all the loopholes that keep feeding money to illegitimate Maduro's Regime.

You may not remember that POTUS met with both the wives of the two most important Venezuelan leaders: Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo Lopez. But he did.

So, on April 30th, there they both were, Guaidó and Lopez, in the middle of the people, fighting to overthrow the dictator. Spoiler alert: they did not succeed.

The support from the US is unwavering, that's a beauty to see!

But the reality on the floor, we all saw. Many members of Maduro regime negotiated to flip and join Guaidó, but did not.

POTUS addresses the bloody retributions underway by paramilitary assets. The threat of Major Economic Sanctions on Cuba may seem feeble at first - but it's not about what's being said, it's what's being done.

POTUS is talking about the Cuban paramilitary "colectivos".

The administration is showing an admirably united front in this issue. Listen to VP Pence:

The support for Guaidó does not depend on the outcome of any particular phase of the insurrection.

The "defeated" Guaidó still walks the streets commanding the attention of tens of thousands.

Secretary Pompeo tells us how Maduro was about to flee until told otherwise by his Russian handlers.

The "winner" Maduro has to hide behind his security apparatus - and worse: this apparatus is riddled with traitors.

Vladimir Padrino is the top military leader Maduro has. BUT. Look at the tyrant's reaction as he realizes he has been betrayed:

Let me say it again: held in power by his military chiefs ***only***, Maduro now knows they are a bunch of traitors trying to cover their own asses.

Bolton keeps the pressure on the paramilitary "colectivos" spreading the terror.

Marco threatens to blow the lid on the top traitors' names.

PLEASE READ THIS TWEET. This is Putin's game. In Venezuela, in Libya, in Syria. To counter and to disrupt Americans actions.

NO, DON'T COME WITH "MUH DEEP STATE" NONSENSE. He is not your friend. Far from it.

So, Marco stresses yet again how Venezuela is a KEY security issue for the US. He brings another interesting expose on the dictatorship:

It will be a long piece, stretched over 3 tweets. Prepare yourself to be alarmed.

Mr. Alami helped Hezbollah members into Venezuela with legitimate papers. He also had business interests in the US. How lovely, ain't it?

This concludes this piece. That should tell you the current state of affairs on the Narcoregime next door to you.

Marco also shared that: military solutions are being planned and put at the disposal of POTUS.

Although Acting (and recently nominated) Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan was rather dismissive about the meetings, we did learn a new name in the game: Admiral Craig Faller, Commander of the U.S. Southern Command.

Admiral Faller has an engineering background, and has seen action in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is the U.S. Southern Command logo. It's self-explanatory.

That should give you a bit of an introduction on the U.S. Southern Command.

Between his two top advisors, POTUS has been choosing the diplomatic and economic path, but always leaving the military options open - because that is what it means to "lead from a position of power".

We are constantly reminded of this new geopolitical reality. hmmmm - WESTERN HEMISPHERE.

Our hemisphere matters.

POTUS and Putin talk about Venezuela (among many topics).

Rick posts about how Putin would have agreed to take his troops out of Venezuela. We have not yet seen this happen.

Marco: Maduro held in power by greed and fear - NOT anti-Americanism. Rick: Cuba, Russia, China and Iran keep the crisis going.

Who is winning?

We know who is winning. But how long, and how much more blood will it take?

Pompeo tells of this horrible act of profanation of a church service by Cuban "colectivos".

Senator Scott addresses the humanitarian crisis spilling from Venezuela to border countries. That should trouble you. Do you ever wonder where most of this displaced people will want to go? That's right: TO YOUR HOMETOWN.

Since there is a Brazilian telling this story, you will have to be informed that Venezuelan migration to Brazil is also alarming, causing the Governor for Brazilian border state of Roraima to declare State of Calamity due to the CRAZY influx of people.

Maduro hates the US, and loves Hamas. Hamas hates the US, and loves Maduro. Simple.

Q writers STILL defending tyrant Maduro must inform us if they support this complete blackout of comms, CENSURE, and if they condone the violent repression of civilian protesters, instead of spewing "muh deep state victim" ridiculous bullshit.

AGAIN: Cuban and Russian forces inside Venezuela. How long will we tolerate that?

Meanwhile, Maduro, the tyrant, the mere shadow of Chaves, is still in power. This is very bad news for you, American Citizen.

VP Pence states the important fact: Venezuelans are fighting TWO dictatorships: Maduro and the Cubans.

US administration is lifting sanctions to the officers that flip to the legality side.

Watch VP Pence describe it:

Marco is right: every new "defeat" puts Guaidó nearer and nearer power.

Rick here talks about the newest US move: send the Hospital ship USNS Comfort to the region.

It couldn't look more pacific. But it's a navy ship.

It has a TON of capabilities that are desperately lacking in Venezuela, right now.

Let this sink in: it is crewed by Navy personnel: Medical & Dental Corps, Medical Service Corps, Nurse Corps and Chaplain Corps. Navy Unrestricted Line officers (or warfare qualified combat specialties) are not deployed.

Crackdown on Airport Security: tensions are rising to a pitch.

So, here we are: tweet #100, and all I did was defend POTUS' policies. Once again, not because I feel I have to, but because they are kickass policies that will result in a better American Continent.

It is no wonder POTUS relies so much on those two.

They are all badasses!

Violence ramps up tremendously.

A Naval blockade of Cuba appears to be the only way to enforce sanctions, according to Senator Scott.

Here, Senator Rubio makes a plea to the top military leader, Padrino.

It's actually quite the drama, since we watched HIS FAMILY - INCLUDING HIS MOTHER, come to social media and plead with him to rebel against the dictator.

When Maduro kidnapped the vice-president of the National Assembly, Senators Rubio and Scott reacted in unison - very cool!

The State Department also moved quickly calling for the immediate release of Zambrano - which is very unlikely to happen.

Senator Rubio shows Maduro's hand - destroy the less visible members of the National Assembly.

Those worried people from before. Remember?

The American Administration is very agile in their administration of sanctions, but remember, Maduro has the "sanction-evading mechanisms" from Putin.

Senator Scott wrote a very courageous defense of a Military Intervention in Venezuela. This is a very good thing to see.

"I do want the United States to continue to be a beacon of hope and freedom when our hemisphere needs it most."

The good thing, going on, is that POTUS team is very focused in dealing with this at once.

I leave you with the comments of POTUS about this struggle for liberty. Thanks for coming this far, with me, in a search for information. God bless you all.

That was a #GreatAwakening thread | "Save the Americas: Addressing the Continental threat". 👾 END

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