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ROGERS | An American Hero

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Dedicated with great respect to Admiral Mike Rogers, to @GenFlynn, to all White Hats, Wizards and Warlocks and Patriots.

What if I told you that about a land-locked Chicago, Illinois man that became a Navy leader, and who was the first Intelligence and CYBER officer to rise to the rank of Admiral?

What if I told you about a patriot infiltrated in the middle of traitors, fighting a rogue government agency that became a parallel power?

What if I told you that this man, this patriot, risked his life and career to pull back the American Republic from the very brink of destruction?

Some may think I must be exaggerating, that this character is much too great to be true, sounds more like Captain Rogers, right?

You would not be too far off - just came in a few ranks shy.

+++Admiral Michael S. Rogers+++

Mike Rogers came back to the news last week: look and listen to Judge DiGenova on Fox talking about how he is the hero on the curbing of the FISA abuse by FBI contractors.

Lawyer John is NOT amused.

You want to know just how central Rogers is to #TheStorm?

Look at this December 5, 2017 Q drop:

Admiral Rogers and Wizards & Warlocks = KEY (INTEL) Potus & Military = STONE (FORCE)

Apply the Keystone!

I know many Q folks want to think that everyone and everything is the KEYSTONE.

I stopped being bugged about it. 🙄

Let's try to understand how Mike Rogers came to be a hero surrounded by villains in the BHO administration.

Q has made it clear that we should trust his historical effort to be in a position of power and be able to save the day when it most mattered.

Rogers was commissioned by NROTC after graduating from Auburn University. He was a Surface Warfare Officer and saw action in Grenada, Beirut and El Salvador on board the USS Caron. He later moved to cryptology, a key change in his career.

2003: with U.S. invasion of Iraq, Rogers joined the military's Joint Staff as an intelligence officer.

You know who was instrumental to this? Mike Flynn.

YEAH. Let's hear it from Rogers himself:

In 2009, he became director of intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and was subsequently named commander of U.S. Fleet Cyber Command and commander of the U.S. 10th Fleet, responsible for all of the Navy's cyberwarfare efforts.

If you follow Rogers through his career you immediately perceive a man with strong leadership skills.

Between his nice sense of humor, sobering work ethic and his fiery patriotism, it's safe to say he has inspired a multitude of young cyberwarriors.

And so it happened that he was considered by BHO to be head of the NSA and the US Cyber Command.

It was a hard moment for the NSA, after the Snowden debacle. The outgoing deputy director, seconded by AG Holder, even discussing a shameful plea deal with the traitor.

Let's take a look at his Senate hearing. NSA directors do not need Congressional confirmation, but the Cyber Command is a key Department of Defense position that does.

Admiral Rogers talks about how there needs to be a way to communicate the relevance and importance of NSA's work.

The Q operation seems to me some form of development of this same idea.

It's disturbing to read No Name badgering Rogers, as was his modus operandi, demanding "yes or no" answers from him. Such a bad man.

No Name asks one vital question, here: is FISA court (FISC) just a rubber stamp?

Exhibit A: scene from movie "Snowden". While the story is skewed to make him a hero, much background lore is right on. Rubber stamp?

Oddly enough, Da Nang Dick brings up a vital question: the outside contractors.

Pay attention to another video of DiGenova talking about the spying role of contractors in the rampant FISA abuses.

Rogers is asked about what exactly Snowden stole from NSA. The review was ongoing.

Aside from the review, there was this: the "Q group" Directorate chasing him.

Look how Rogers hedges away from calling Snowden a traitor.

He is well aware of the reality of the Snowden operation: it was an attack by the CIA aiming to impair NSA's capabilities.

But he has to "play dumb" on this.

Rogers was confirmed unanimously. But why did BHO make the mistake of having a patriot in such a key position? Maybe it was the Chicago connection, maybe it was the owl in the 10th Fleet seal, maybe because he was the favorite inside the IC community.

I also feel like Mike Rogers had maneuvered to make BHO underestimate him as just a military guy, merely obedient to the Chain of Command.


Rogers went about leading the nation's cyberwarriors, and preparing them for the present and future challenges.

But NSA still hurt from the Snowden betrayal, and soon new thefts of secrets were unveiled.

Another one in a long series of security debacles in the scandal-ridden BHO administration.

At a certain point, Admiral Rogers became aware of rampant FISA abuse by BHO administration, ongoing at least since 2012. Let's hear DiGenova again about this:

And so we come to the moment were our hero takes the leap, and reaches the point of no return.

Having discovered the FISA abuse as related to the Trump campaign, Rogers - without authorization from BHO - meets with POTUS (then president-elect) and alerts him.

This led to widespread calls for his firing. Somehow, he survived this.

Q asked in August 2018, and now again in March: why the whole campaign operation was moved to New Jersey the day after POTUS met with Admiral Rogers at NY's Trump Tower?

What is most valuable? Information.

Mike Rogers and the Wizards & Warlocks bring the KEY (INTEL).

And now he worked for POTUS, bringing about the destruction of a rogue CIA and the Deep State cabal.

Some drops suggest Flynn and Rogers were involved in calling for POTUS to run for president, with assurances against tampering.

Here you have Rogers against talking about how he has teamed in his career with General Flynn, and how Flynn changed the INTEL landscape.

"It's not about us, it's about the mission."

And the NSA troubles continue, with security breaches and leaks of INTEL.

Rogers filed away evidence about the Tarmac meeting between LL and BC.

Q talks here about the "z plan", the unthinkable.

It's good the "plan z" was not necessary.

But the best is: no satanic POS is going to ever hold power again.

One of the main themes of Rogers' tenure at NSA was dealing with the damage of Snowden's releases and thefts.

This is also one of the main Q subjects in the drops.

Snowden released NSA's data collection programs to help bad actors communicate, move and act undetected.

Read about Roger's role in this drop. Why is he so important? +++KEY+++

So, in what ways did he "play the game" to remain in control?

Of course, INTEL is not something that we get to be very informed about, but read the following piece of OSINT:

Fully aware that Snowden was a clown operative, the Admiral says he was "probably not" a spy. Right xxx. He also dodges any questions that would have him criticize BHO's administration.

But look at this excerpt: we NOW know that he was not only referring to foreign groups and individuals.

In the Q drops, we got glimpses of the surveillance on Snowden in Honk Kong. We also knew he was helping disrupt Q's comms - quite successfully, it seems, at the start.

Think about all those questions in this drop, and will you be well informed about the Snowden trap.

The most significant and secret aspect of Rogers HISTORIC tenure as director is the secret civil was between NSA and CIA.

The weaponization of the CIA is probably one of the darkest and scariest chapters in the US Republic's history.

And to have a MB operative on top makes it even more sinister.

We can now talk about it as both Kansas and Gina appeared to have cleaned up its act considerably, and we caught glimpses to many black ops being shut down.

This is one of those HUGE drops. Read it a hundred times! ;)

The war between NSA and CIA. POTUS uses Q to shift narrative, and bring about the New Age of Enlightenment.

The war got messy, and at times Snowden talked about things that hurt the clowns, like the 5 Eyes spying.

Or retweeted something that proved MSM was using SecureDrop software to get the 4am narrative bulletins from the DeepState Cabal.

He started "following" NSA codebreakers.

For a second, it appeared he could be brought over to the light.

But since then, Q has let us know he is a traitor.

In May 2018, Rogers confronted Clapper and Brennan in a Congressual meeting.

And Rogers made even more distressing discoveries. The depth of betrayal is astonishing.

Read these a few times, and try to keep your cool.

About the servers, about AWAN, MB, about the "paper trail" leading to BHO's White House.

When it came time for Rogers to retire, of course he got the nasty media treatment POTUS and his administration get.

To make such generational changes in a few years takes a HUGE toll.

So it makes sense that main positions are rotated to get fresh people to implement what has been staged.

To make such generational changes in a few years takes a HUGE toll.

So it makes sense that main positions are rotated to get fresh people to implement what has been staged.

Look at him talking about the immense challenge they faced:

It's happening.


I leave you with Mike leading the oath of office. Sublime.

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That was about "ROGERS | An American Hero" for today.


I "ONLY" forgot to mention. Admiral Rogers was the 17th NSA director.

You read it right: the 17th.

His decorations:

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