• Paul Serran


Updated: Dec 26, 2019

2019 was my best year ever as a writer. I am in full control of my capabilities, I am motivated, filled with purpose - and I found an intelligent and engaged audience who can deal with anything I throw at them.

In 2019 I had over *98 million views* in Twitter.

It's quite a big exposure.

I also had hundreds of thousands of views on my new site. It looks promising.

In January, 2019 I had 28k followers, and I will end the year with 52,6k followers, even after being censured all year long.

I wrote dozens of threads, many articles, made a few videos, read literally tens of thousands of documents and court transcripts.

I built my reputation upon blood, sweat and tears.

In January I wrote one of my most influential threads:

"Alice in the Bloody Wonderland"

Also in January, a theme that was to take such big part of the year: "Dark to light"

In February, I tackled the 4am narrative in my thread "To Kill a Mockingbird".

Also in February, I regaled myself and my friends with a photo story about Barr kicking Mueller's ass.

In March, I tackled the Globalists puppets of the moment. Theresa has fallen, Fancy socks minority government, Manu in constant siege, Merkel still setting fire to Europe.

March also saw me taking the fight back to our Big Tech Overlords. Some have fallen, some remain - and the censorship has only increased since.

In April, I tackled a theme that's about to burst open in Durham's probe: the Illegal Foreign Espionage that took place before "Crossfire Hurricane".

Also in April, I wrote about the fight to close the "Spider Webs" in our planet.

In May I posted one of my best threads: "Rogers: American Hero". It got a magnificent response from the patriots.

June brought the NXIVM trial thread, which was a hot subject that month.

Also in June I had a LOT of fun with a LOT of Chicago PD docs and Google Earth graphics in "Jussie's Hoax".

In July, all eyes were on the Epstein case. "The Island" was my most well read thread, with over 4,6M views in a single day.

In August, another take on the King of Pedophiles. "Bounty Hunter"

In September I tackled the big Godzillas, and after posting "Godfather III" I had a "flu" and *lost my voice* for 30 days.

Also in September, "The First Domino" about the FBI/DOJ coupsters.

October was a very hard month for me, but I managed to write one of my best threads: "John Durham: +ENDGAME+"

Come November I had to talk about all that schiff in "Pencil Neck Goes Down".

And then came December:

In 2020 I intend to write as much and as best as I possibly can.

That was my #QAnon thread +RETROSPECTIVE+ of 2019.

© 2019 BY PAUL SERRAN - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil