• Paul Serran

Release the Cures

Having lost both my parents to Cancer, I was handed a front-row seat to the malignant modus operandi of Big Pharma: hide the cures, but sell prolonged palliative treatments that can sometimes take as much of a toll on the patients' health than the disease itself. When I joined the Great Awakening, this naturally became a big cause for me.


Out of all the fronts of our fight against the Globalist Satanists, this is one that is yielding perhaps the poorer results so far.

We have just been biologically attacked by Xhyna. On top of that, we are combating a worldwide effort by Big Pharma to enslave us.

"Science" is now dead for all practical purposes. All that's left is their obvious political agenda.

They are no longer satisfied to hide the cures. Now they have to ban-and-restrict-and-dismiss-and-censor cures that are already in the public arena.

All Pharma ghouls are racing for a 'vaccine' to cure something easily treatable by an existing, low-price drug. That is so insane that I feel to be living inside some Clockwork Orange kind of world.

At the same time the fake science is holding hands with the leftist operatives to restrict our constitutional rights in the name of 'safety'.

I received with great joy the news that, apparently, Rush Limbaugh's tumors have shrunk considerably. What was not so great was to have doctors say it was "a miracle".

By this standard, SCOTUS judge Ruth Barber Ginsburg would have been the vessel for some half a dozen miracles. Mother Theresa's got nothing on her, right?

There is no miracle in those Cancer cures. What exists are cures that have been kept from the common citizen. That is possibly the greatest divide in our societies. And THAT is a wrong in need of righting.

Both my parents survived their first bouts with 'The Big Casino' (in the case of my Mom, she survived the first two fights). But the illness tends to reoccur and find the 'patient' much more fragile.

From then on, there are no good alternatives.

My dad committed suicide by refusing treatment until it was way too late. My Mom fell victim of her third Cancer, and I daresay her suffering was at least as big as his.

All the while I knew then, as I know now - the cures do exist. Even before I found the treasure trove of Q, I knew that the cures existed, as I saw South American leftist leaders being cured from it like it was nothing.

I am not demanding research into cures that have special meaning for me and my family. THE CURES DO EXIST. I am here asking you why do my folks have to die a gruesome death while Marxist fiends roam this earth free and healthy.

We all know how dangerous it can be to fight Big Pharma head on. Even heads of state shy away from that as much as they can. POTUS is a notable exception.


© 2019 BY PAUL SERRAN - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil