• Paul Serran

Reflections on my upcoming single

When I first joined Twitter, in December 2017, I was hyper focused on the political struggle, and felt very reluctant to share my music with my friends and followers. Slowly, I started opening up this side of my crazy career a bit and - the reception being much warmer than I expected - I eventually got around to the idea of recording again.

I guess some people may wonder why the subject matter of the song is so removed from the whole 'storm' scene. In fact, before I ever bumped into Q I was working in demo recordings for an album called "Circle the Wagons", with most songs being about the siege to the western culture.

I swear that the first verses where: "Circle the Wagons/And wait for the Storm/This is the struggle/For which you were born". I checked the metadata, and I had written the song by May 2017, and had a full homemade demo recording in September 7th, 2017.

Fast-forward 2+ years of incessant informational war, and as battle-hardened as I am, I wondered to myself if it would not be a rookie move on my part to try and create an obvious immediate appeal by having the song be some sort of 'hymn to the patriots'. I am not criticizing the many friends that make great patriotic rock - but in my case I must be true to my musical journey.

I have one CD, one EP and this will be my fourth single. It's a humble discography, but it's who I am as a recording artist.

So I took all my best demo recordings with my best songs and, together with my two most trusted collaborators, I chose the best, most upbeat song I had.

I first started this track some months ago when I thought I was feeling better, and wanted to go out and play. I thought.

The whole production took months - I fought with both my collaborators, and they also fought among themselves.

We are a dysfunctional family.

But, in the end, everyone is very proud of the song - and those are cats who play in Rock in Rio and have Gold records on the wall.

The song is about sex. it´s about life. It's a life affirming song recorded when I was coming from very dark times.

It's inevitable that some people will not like the song, will object to subject matter.

I don't care.

That's rock and roll. If I was to bow to other people's ideas of propriety I'd be playing fucking Bossa Nova.

Rio de Janeiro, December 6th, 2019.

Paul Serran

© 2019 BY PAUL SERRAN - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil