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Pencil Neck Goes Down

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Listen to this POTUS mention: "Liddle' Pencil Neck Adam Schiff".

Apart from being the usual trolling he does so well, there's a deeper, darker meaning for that nickname.

The Trump campaign immediately launched the very successful Pencil Neck T-shirt.

Although classified by POTUS as a "non-long-ball-hitter", the California Congressman Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is now the D's tip of the spear.

Schiff is the man chosen to weaponize the control D's have over the House in a desperate, last-ditch attempt to unseat POTUS before the day of reckoning is upon them.

In December 2017, Q made one of the most direct and unambiguous statements: Adam Schiff is a traitor to America. This has two aspects: he is a leaker, involved in other breaches of National Security, and he is EVIL, involved in the darkest practices.

Back in February 2018, POTUS is making no secret of his low opinion of lying, leaking Schiff.

Disturbing Q drop 669:

Valerie Jarret and Schiff were recorded and listened to by two witnesses in a long call.

Q mentions the Article 3, Section 3 of the US Constitution.

It deals with TREASON. And it states the need for the testimony of TWO witnesses.

So Pencil Neck has the shadow of a Treason Trial in his future? That would explain his otherwise unbelievable, unexplainable behavior.


With the arrest of Allison Mack in the NXIVM cult scandal, Q drop 1203 lets us know that she was singing like a bird.

Politics, Hollywood, The Standard Hotel, Mexican Border, the Port of Long Beach.


To begin with, now we understand much better the role of the Mexican border in the MASSIVE Human Trafficking going on, and the vital importance of the wall.

The Chinese ownership of a terminal in the Port of Long Beach was another issue mentioned back there by Q, and now solved by POTUS. This was another 'pipeline' of Human Trafficking that's shut.

And then there is The Standard Hotel, a chain of 'boutique hotels' that cater to a very specific group of people.

They do not make much of an effort to disguise which.

All those mentions in Q drops put AS in a VERY bad light.

While none of that has been proved in court, just follow the story, and a disturbing pattern can be seen emerging.

There's so many disturbing aspects in this Facebook post that I don't even know where to begin.


The Standard Hotel of WeHo is located in Schiff's district. And Q has insisted to connect him to this shady place.

In The Standard, the cool people are partying in the rooftop pool, and if someone *falls and dies* - Hey, that's just how they roll!

"Because there's no criminal investigation involved it has been deemed a suicide." Cover-up much?

In this case, many people in the Q scene see a "Breaking-Bad" scenario of dissolving bodies.

Be as it may, a Federal Agent offer a completely bogus explanation, involving the leftover chemicals from the "previous pool-cleaning system".


Q drop 1203 mentions the Helicopter crash that killed two employees of The Standard Hotel as a 187 to tie loose ends.

Also tied to AS in his district, Q drop 1208 mentions the Airplane crash that killed a WeHo starlet.

This Tweet by Jack Posobiec puts stuff into perspective.

Who represents all these predators?

Liddle' Pencil Neck Adam Schiff.

Schiff is intent in harassing POTUS non-stop. He even tried to obtain compromising material from Russian pranksters.

Yes, you read it right. Russian pranksters pretended to negotiate naked pictures of POTUS with Schiff.

He is not a long ball hitter.

Schiff was part of the SCIF meeting where supposedly Rod Rosenstein was asked to wear a wire near POTUS.

AS is always parroting the narrative talking points of his masters, like "Red Line". He is hell-bent is keeping POTUS from releasing classified material that proves his crimes and those of his masters and colleagues.

On February, Q is fact-checking lying Schiff that still insists in denying the dangers of the southern bother. We know why.

Q floated to Anons the departure of DNI Dan Coats, and his status as a sleeper enemy.

Well, when AS defends him, that pretty much proves the point!

Schiff is repeatedly said, by both Q and POTUS' tweets, to be [knowingly] lying and leaking.


After 2 years of Russia Hoax, POTUS is fed up and wants to tend to the running of the country.

The new AG Bill Barr swiftly acts to end the sad charade by the Special Council.

And the Mueller probe ended with a sad display of the SC in Congress, where he let us know he had not even written his own report.

No collusion, no cover-up.

Game over?

Meanwhile things were about to become very dangerous for Schiff, thanks to the criminal proclivities of his long-time associate and D donor, Ed Buck.

Buck was FINALLY arrested, after several young black male gay prostitutes were drugged, abused and even died in his home.


Learn about Buck's MO.

Look at Ed Buck, jonesing on meth in a suicide smock, awaiting bail, looking like a fiend. He is not a man.

He is all the D society, their view of the world, their structure of power, in jail.

This is their deepest fear.

"You better fix this, Schiff!"

So, IN come the fake whistleblowers, a.k.a. CIA plants in the administration. They invent a fake outrage about a normal call between POTUS and the Ukrainian president.

Schiff now has to go ALL IN. But, as we know, he is NOT a long ball hitter.

Not only do White Hats know about the fake whistleblower plants, but even Q has told us as much.

These deep-state attacks try to capitalize on the good image associated with whistleblowers, but it's patent that as real sources they are worth nothing.

AS is so confused that immediately after demanding that the WB testify, he went on and made sure that this never happens.

In another lowest point in his dark career, Pencil Neck lies in national TV and fabricates lies as he reads what he said would be a transcription of the call between POTUS and the Ukrainian president.

Schiff said it was "a parody".

We know there is no ridiculous and debasing position he will not subject himself to.

And he is losing at every step.

He has no condition to be in Congress anymore.

I refuse to remember the names of the not-witnesses, people with opinions and third-hand intel.

POTUS makes the case for not watching this circus.

"They are using Television lawyers. Schiff can't even do his own questions."

Q drop 3590 reminds us that this Ukrainian investigation stems from a letter from Senator Grassley from July of 2017. It also reinforces: they knew of the spy insertion.


"What do these people have in common?

Pelosi's son

Kerry's son

Romney's son

Biden's son Hint:

Geo location:

Ukraine Hint:

Energy Coincidence?"

When [GS] calls, D's always answer.

Here we have a March 2019 drop explaining in detail the massive infiltration of the government by the clowns.

When he is finally forced to take his sham impeachment proceedings to the light of a public proceeding, AS wants to forbid talk of Biden, of course, and even the mention of the name of the spy plant, even though HIS OFFICE has published it.

"I heard it through the grapevine…"

D's star witnesses have not witnessed a thing. But Shifty presses on.

Things are actually so dire, that AS is starting to hedge the seemingly inevitable defeat of his fool's errand of a probe.

On his HIGH POWERED rallies, POTUS continues to make trolling references to Pencil Neck. But there is a serious and dark reality behind this.

Article 3, Section 3.

And you know what POTUS thinks about that? Read this from 2013:

This is how they were handled.


Things keep getting worse for Schiff as yet another long-time associate and donor is arrested for sex crimes involving children.

What a crowd he hangs with!

"You better fix this, Schiff!"

The sham hearings go on, with AS doing his worse to deny even the mere appearance of rule of law, even denying the president have council present.

Listen to this beauty. "Holly Cow!"

Q drop 3596 makes it clear that D's have walked into a trap.

POTUS is trolling him 24/7.

"Hope the $7.8mm was worth it."


Article 3, Section 3.


That was my #QAnon thread Pencil Neck Goes Down.



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