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Panic in DC

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

We will read the Q drops to learn about the biggest judicial operation in history, both in scope and size. We will also notice how we Q folks are very well informed, and always ahead of the curve.

We need two mindsets for this journey. The first is this: remember that 60% of #TheStorm is secret, and only 40% of the operation is happening in the open.

The second is the most classic one. Trust is the name of the game.

That is why this was used 69 times in the drops.

Trusting the plan, and aware that many things happen in secret, we move to talk about US Attorney John Huber, from Utah.

He was assigned, in November 2017, to what can only be described as an historical mission. A secret mission.

Already in November, Q started to inform us of the characteristics of the operation. It would not be a frontal, open attack, but rather a "trap".

In other section of the same drops he points out to "sealed indictments from outside DC". Remember, this is a full 4 months before AG Jeff Sessions publicly revealed Huber's mission.

On December the 6th, the bomb: HRC attempts a deal that is rejected.

On the 19th of December, we are informed: 12 deals rejected. (But keep in mind: some others may have been accepted).


On the SOTU, POTUS freed those good people who were held hostage by the bad players.

Just because you can't see doesn't mean it's not ongoing.

PANIC in DC. We learn that the leverage against POTUS has been depleted, and he is free. But what leverage?

"Bank / Financial leverage? NUKE strike package leverage?"

Well, first we had this:

Then, we had this:

POTUS is freed.

On March, finally, we "officially" learn of the existence of the Huber prosecutions, that the news piece euphemistically calls "evaluating wrongdoings".


Enters LL in the Q drop narrative:

We start to learn just how involved she was.

About her secret GMAIL comms with the big Godzillas.

In this list of D's operatives in DOJ and FBI that were fired or had their power removed, we also learn of a LOT of people that were cooperating in the investigations.

Q has to remind Anons about the timetables.

We had more than we knew.

By now it had become clear (for us) that Sessions had a "mirrored" strategy with the investigative might of Horowitz's 470 investigators, and the Prosecution capabilities of Huber and his team.

Once again we are reminded that LL is key.

Q begins to highlight the advantages of using USA Huber against a second Special Council.

Here Q tells us who discovered the Chinese links to HRC's server.

In September, PANIC in DC becomes widespread.

We learn of bad actors making uncoordinated moves to save their necks.

We learn that they are testifying against each other, and that the British rogue spy that wrote the phony dossier is very worried about deportation.

These drops - and what they reveal - have started a fire.

D's offering to kill the judge K attacks if POTUS overturns his decision of declassifying the phony FISA applications - [20].

Another [RR] meeting request with POTUS is declined.

D's are desperate, trying to invoke the 25th amendment against POTUS.

AND THEN, on September 17th: 💥💥💥💥

This is no mere FBI agent or DOJ official. This is the 83rd Attorney General of the US. Impossible to overstate the importance of this.

Look: Sessions and Huber are working very closely.

And we learn that Sessions has unrecused himself, and has Supreme Court approval for doing so.

Here we have another long and detailed explanation of why the Huber-Horowitz plan is MUCH better than an uneffective second Special Council.

Panic is spreading to the treasonous "allies".

Confirmation that James baker is cooperating, and another incredibly valuable piece of information: the participation of the NSA Inspector General Robert Storch!

So the operation is: Horowitz investigates, Huber prosecutes, and Storch provides INTEL support. That is a deadly setup.


"Patriots are in control."

We get a glimpse of the IMMENSE damage LL can do to the bad actors.

LL talking is a cataclysmic event for D's.

On the eve of the declassification of the phony FISA applications, we are openly informed that all those who signed these "are under Grand Jury investigation".

We are told to expect rapid developments on the next days, leading to a RED OCTOBER.

That was "Panic in DC" for today



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