• Paul Serran

My personal journey in this first year of the #GreatAwakening.

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

A year ago I was lost. But I was searching - so I found solace, a multitude of like-minded heroic people, a sense of purpose like never before. And we began to save the world.

Following years of decaying professional activity in my writing and video producing, I had been focusing in my musical projects.

Even though I was singing, playing, songwriting and recording better than ever before, all my projects were being met with VERY limited commercial success.

So I lost interest in playing, abandoned the production of my EP, and took to a solitary life of studying, reading and series-bingeing. I knew I had to write. But what?

To write another novel seemed a bloody waste of time and effort. Nobody reads them anymore.

I really had no clue about what to do.

Like the Arthurian knights, I was lost in the midst of the Wasteland, searching for the Holy Grail.

That was when I found Q, in late November 2017.


I found compassion (#SavetheChildren). Thirst for justice (#TheStorm); and a confirmation: the world is not as it seems.

By December 4 2017, I had come to this lovely platform to read POTUS tweets, and found a vibrant scene of conservative warriors.

The #GreatAwakening.

I also discovered a new literary art form: the Twitter thread. During this time, I wrote dozens of #QAnon threads.

I wrote them primarily because it gave me great focus - I had found my theme - and I also felt like contributing to the Conservative and Nationalist revolution worldwide.

Among the wonderful folk of the #GreatAwakening, I found an engaged and very appreciative audience, mostly comprised of North-Americans and Europeans.

Much to my surprise, no one held my being Brazilian against me. ;)

There is a general understanding in the movement that we all face the same alliance of leftists and globalists.

Up until September 2018, I grew this account to some 20K+ followers.

The highlight, for me, was on July 4th, when Q posted a graphic that I did. It was a cut from a significant bit taken from a much longer drop.

This post came 3 days before my 50th birthday, and was followed by 20 days of silence. That gave me a chance to pause and feel good about this work.

To know that our effort was (and is) noticed and appreciated by our heroes.

I was shadow-banned, QFD'd, attacked by bots and trolls, accosted by shills trying to poison the wells. GOOD.

This only increased my standing in the conservative revolution.

During all this time, I was totally invested in studying world events, and paid almost no attention to Brazilian politics.

I took for granted that Brazil would still be under leftist domination for a few years.

But on late June, US VP Mike Pence visited Brazil, and talked about (surprise!) cooperation in the Space Program. Wow.

As president Temer only had 6 months in office, that HAD to mean the US saw a conservative new Brazilian government as something likely to happen.

Or that rocket would never fly.

It took me quite a while, but I found the favorite, VERY conservative Jair Bolsonaro, who had the number 17, and was heavily aligned with the POTUS administration.

So, we elected the most unashamedly conservative president of my lifetime.

The timeline for change in Brazil took a giant leap forward, with an immediate, miraculous departure from the former socialist agenda.

So we come to "Red October", the thread I left unfinished for family reasons. Nice cover, right? 👾

After two months of suffering in intensive care, my Mom passed away on October 4th.

This led to massive change in my life, and I have to reinvent myself in the middle of my mourning process. It's been quite hard. But I'm not lost anymore.

It may come as no surprise that I have not been able to write.

I felt bad to go AWOL in the middle of the war, but I really had no choice.

Lately, I have slowly gone back to my research of world events, and also took back my Q drops reading and studying. I am warming up, again.

Will I get back to writing #QAnon threads like I used to? I don't know. I hope so.

But I do know that I will be a small part of the global conservative revolution in some way.

So, as it appears, December 3, 4 and 5 are poised to be very significant dates in the Q movement. D5 ;)

It will also mark the day that I celebrate 1 year in this lovely platform.

I would like to thank all the friends and followers for their incredible support for my work, and also their loving care for me in this difficult period.

Saviors of mankind!

This was "YEAR 2" for today.


© 2019 BY PAUL SERRAN - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil