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Updated: Oct 3, 2019




Next month will be, God willing, my first October. I'll explain. In late October, 2017, as Q started posting in (then) 4chan, I was still in the thickest of a personal crisis like no other. Professionally and personally, I've hit rock bottom. I spent my days drifting online, "researching" for who-knows-what fleeting projects.

A couple of weeks later I was checking all kinds of UFO, researching for a novel I never came to write, when I bumped into a very youthful Jordan Sather talking about this new, mysterious poster that was revealing a treasure trove of INTEL about the workings of this Matrix-world of ours.

Fast forward a few weeks, I was ALL IN. And one of the first things I did was read and write about the "October drops". That month has a magnetic pull for me.

For my considerable surprise, starting on April 2018, I laboriously carved a space for myself in the Information War raging on Twitter, even though I had no footing in other platforms like most high profile Q writers.

After July it became patent that even Q team was paying attention to my work, and I redoubled the efforts, trying to elevate the lowly Twitter thread into a full-fledged art form. To be so well received was having a deep effect on my emotional state.

But things started getting really tough as my Mom became ill yet again, this time never to recover. By mid-September it was clearly a matter of when. It came to a point where I could not write anymore.

By early October 2018, my Mom passed, after some 60 days suffering. This had an effect on me far stronger that I'd have anticipated. I totally miss October, again!

Sessions departed the government. Some Muslim Brotherhood operative was killed by the Saudis and the screaming was worldwide. I KNEW I had to get my game together, and jump back into the revolution bandwagon. FAST. The stakes are just too high to sit and watch from the sidelines.

So I came back, with a bang! I was (and am) writing better than ever. I still had a lot of personal issues to work through - and I still do. But my resolve has NEVER faltered. I have fought with a smile on my face, have looked unspeakable horrors in the eye, determined that we deal with the cabal HERE, NOW. No pasarán.

A few days after I returned, December 12th, 2018, Q posted a link to my "Trust Huber" thread, sent my self-esteem up through the atmosphere, and I got 7k new followers in a single day. From then on, I became one of the names in the movement in a way that even my being Brazilian could not screw up.

As the year of 2019 progressed, with the help and incentive of trusted friends, I was able to turn my microblogging effort into something professional. This meant not only facing attacks from the *exceedingly* boring shills, but also dealing with much more serious, internal instances of self-worth and confidence.

It was not easy, but by now I have established a bridgehead in YouTube, launched my paulserran.com, and have my Patreon and PayPal working. Not to mention an upgraded partnership with ribbet.com/greatawakening.

When Q and 8chan went underground, it was incumbent upon the main content producers in the revolution to take the offensive on the narrative, keep morals up and maintain total pressure on the deepstaters. And so we did.

So… October is upon us, again.

THIS TIME, it shall not escape me - so help me God.

Paul Serran

Rio de Janeiro, September 18th, 2019.

© 2019 BY PAUL SERRAN - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil