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Maxwell's Marriage Comes to Light, Jean-Luc Brunel Is Arrested in Paris

It's been a long time since I last wrote about the Ghislaine Maxwell case. Too long, perhaps. For many people, Maxwell's prosecution is just an afterthought, a mere consolation prize after Jeffrey Epstein was said to have hanged himself in jail.

[Feel free to substitute the last sentence for your preferred 'conspiracy' twist on Epstein's ultimate fate.]

Some readers have caught these two articles of mine published on the Frank Report - with links published below - about the lifelong saga of newspaper Mogul Robert Maxwell and his favorite daughter, Ghislaine.

Daddy's favorite girl.

Honey Traps and Kompromat — a Closer Look at the Life of Ghislaine Maxwell and Her Father, Robert Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell – Silver Spoons and Hard Times

Those who did read those articles will have noticed that Maxwell's story is much more spectacular than Epstein's, if that is even possible.

Think: how many women accused of sex-trafficking you ever heard about who have started as a millionaire heiress to a publishing mogul and alleged Mossad spy; how many of those women have morphed into a socialite whose decades-long partner was the alleged king of pedophiles and master of the kompromat (sexual blackmail), and how many of these was, herself, a highly skilled individual who is also a certified helicopter and submarine pilot?

How many people you know with those qualifications? Ghislaine is a larger-than-life character and a very rare bird.

Since I've got the well-deserved reputation for being a crazy conspiracy writer it's probably best if I link here a "legitimate" source of information about her piloting skills, for those who take nothing that I write for granted.

Ghislaine Noelle Maxwell awaits her trial, scheduled to July 2021, in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, as Federal inmate number 02879-509. Prosecutors sustain she conspired with Epstein to recruit, groom, and sexually abuse underage girls, as well as charges for committing perjury in sworn depositions regarding Epstein. She has plead not guilty to all charges.

After the Epstein death debacle, Maxwell's stay at the MDC has been surrounded by over-the-top precautions.

Maxwell has complained that she can’t get a good night’s sleep with guards waking her every 15 minutes with a flashlight to ensure she’s still alive — a practice the BOP defended.

“MDC Brooklyn correctional staff utilize flashlights when viewing inmates’ cells overnight to ensure inmates are still breathing and not in distress,” the jail lawyers said. What they did not address were Maxwell’s complaints about 24/7 video surveillance - since Epstein's death occurred at a time and place when all the most important cameras 'malfunctioned', all precautions seem necessary.


In a move not unlike NXIVM's Keith Raniere, Ghislaine Maxwell tried to turn her defense into a theme for civil debate and attempted to mobilize her family and public opinion pressure groups against the establishment.

But unlike Raniere, Maxwell apparently never had any real followers, only flunkies, co-conspirators and victims. So her movement got no discernible traction, and seems to have gathered no sympathy from the public.

Located via her cell phone.

New facts about her arrest:

FBI officials tracked down Ghislaine Maxwell in her home in Bradford, New Hampshire via a mobile phone account that was registered under the name of "G Max", and was used by her to communicate with her husband Scott Borgerson, her sister, and one of her lawyers,

Feds used an investigative device to broadcast signals to be received by Maxwell's phone. Such a device may function in some respects like a cellular tower.

Maxwell and Bogerson: married or divorced?

Since well before she was found, arrested and indicted, rumors circulated that she had married Cargometrics' CEO Scott Borgerson. I wrote on the Frank Report about him, and tried to go easy on the 'guilty-by-association' card, since no charges or accusations had been at that point leveled against him.

But my article relayed the information that Scott Borgerson was widely believed to be Maxwell's husband, and also the man with whom she bought the house she was found by the authorities in.

I was also careful to note that the fact that Borgerson was a wealth manager raised legitimate concerns that he could be helping Maxwell stash away part of her dwindling fortune, so that it'd be beyond the reach of the civil suits she is facing from Epstein victims. This fact that's also been in evidence as of late.

Last October, Scott Borgerson resigned as CEO of his company to 'avoid being a distraction'. This may signal that the ongoing investigations of the Epstein ring would soon include Borgerson as a person of interest.

Ghislaine Maxwell's chronic lack of transparency regarding her true marital status, and also her real personal net worth, ended up getting her into hot water with the judge in her case.

US District Judge Alison Nathan: "The defendant now argues that her newly revealed relationship with her spouse signals her deep affective ties in the country, but at the time she was arrested, she was not living with him and claimed to be getting divorced,"

US District Judge Alison Nathan

The judge was hard on Maxwell's "pattern of providing incomplete or erroneous information to the court or to pretrial services."

Maxwell claimed to be worth $.3.5 million, but has now admitted that her and Borgerson’s net worth was about $22.5 million.


Apart from the Ghislaine Maxwell prosecution, many other developments have rocked the broader Epstein pedophile ring investigations.

Jean 'Cul' was finally arrested.

In August, 2020, I posted on the Frank Report an article showing that the French investigation about infamous model scout and accused rapist Jean Luc Bernal, a close associate of Epstein, was gaining momentum.

Many readers derided the French police, fully expecting this investigation, like so many others, to come to nothing. But on December 17th, Jean 'Cul' was arrested in Paris, as he tried to embark a plane to Senegal, Africa.

Readers perhaps will remember one of the most explicit pieces of evidence retrieved from Epstein's garbage by Palm Beach PD, in their initial investigation of Epstein: a phone pad used to take notes of incoming telephone calls, on Epstein's mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.

In one of the notes, Brunel leaves a message to Epstein in which he offers an underage girl for Epstein, "first lesson for free" - and explains she is 2x 8 years old (16), and "not blonde".

Doug Band: Clinton WAS at Pedophile Island.

Other revelations about Jeffrey Epstein's ring shocked the world: although he was mentioned in the flight logs as having flown 27 times in the Lolita Express, former US president Bill Clinton always denied ever having been to Epstein's Pedophile Island in the Virgin Islands. But now, in a long profile in Vanity Fair, Clinton's former right-hand man (and another frequent flyer of the Lolita Express) Doug Band, confirmed that Clinton has, in fact, gone at least once to Little St. James Island.

This is more troubling than it would appear, because if Clinton was involved with underage girls in the compound (Virginia Giuffre wrote in communication with her lawyers that she saw Bill there 'with 2 New York girls'), he has certainly been filmed, as all the rooms in the Island were rigged for audio and video for this exact purpose - put powerful people in compromising situations, to get kompromat.

Randy Andy is always on the spotlight.

Of course, one can hardly dig into any aspect of the Epstein saga without bumping into 'Randy Andy'. His own cousin, Christina Oxenberg, has told the media that Prince Andrew has been filmed by his false friend Maxwell: "Friends don't tape friends", Oxenberg pointed out.

In France, investigators want to interview Prince Andrew as part of their probe into the Jeffrey Epstein underage sex ring, following the arrest of Jean Luc Brunel. The Duke of York is said to have frequently visited Epstein's home in Paris and, allegedly, had relations with victims Brunel is accused of abusing.

That's not all the bad news for the prince. He has, now, been once again accused of visiting the Pedophile Island. Gwendolyn Beck, a former money manager for Epstein, wrote in an email in 2015: "As I remember, he arrived very late at night (on Little St James) spent the next day/night, and left early the following morning.

"He was in the bungalow next to me, and I heard no strange noises or anything unusual. If anything, he was flirting with me, but . . . I was in love with someone else."

It's hard to expect anything positive from Frauden's DOJ.

With all these developments in the Epstein trafficking ring investigations, we could expect many revelations and quite a few convictions to be happening soon. But that, of course, will depend on the direction that the new DOJ leadership will steer the department.

For years on end, the rich and famous trafficked and abused girls with complete impunity. This sad state of affairs can't return.

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