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Master Spook: General Flynn in the Q drops

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Dedicated with deepest respect to @GenFlynn and @mflynnJR.

Mike Flynn is one of the most fascinating heroes of #TheStorm.

Already in drop 14, Q asks: "What was Flynn's background? Why is this relevant?"

Well, Flynn is a master spook. 👾

His 33 years of military service began with him, the mythical 82nd Airborne Division and the XVIII Airborne Corps. Keep that in mind: parachute assault operations.

He had a key role in shaping U.S. counterterrorism strategy and was given numerous combat arms, conventional, and special operations senior intelligence assignments.

2012: BHO nominated Flynn to be director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

"DIA provides military intelligence to warfighters, defense policymakers and force planners in the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community, during peacetime, crisis, and war."

Drop 97:

"What is MI? Who was part of MI during BO term? Who was fired during BO term (MI)? Why is this relevant?"

Gen. Flynn was forced out of the DIA by BHO in April 2014.

The many reasons given were always about his "difficult personality" and policy diferences.

The real reasons were other.

Also, I want to take you back to this piece of Q drop 97:

Forget who wrote this tweet. Focus on: this was an open secret in DC.

"Who knows where the bodies are buried?"

Flynn kept growing in influence as a national security voice.

His role in POTUS' campaign and early administration marked him as a obvious target for the left.

His first mission in the administration was to create a team of spooks to kill the endless intel leaks of the BHO era, and protect national security.


But his next mission would be the master move. But for this, he had to put himself in the line. He had to, once again, take the jump.

(cue in heroic musical theme)


In a dramatic turn of events, Gen. Flynn resigns from POTUS administration for lying to VP Pence, and almost immediately pleads guilty to making false statements in Bob's Russia probe.

What was his play?

A jubilant FBI's McC is said to have bragged to his subordinates, at this point:

"First we f*ck Flynn - then we f*ck Trump!"

Drop 1008.

"Flynn is safe."

"Can a 'witness' hold a position of power/influence while ongoing?"

Many intelligent writers outside Q's movement had, by now, figured this out.

"We knew FLYNN would be challenged. Part of the plan?"

" 'Lost house.' 'Funds for legal.' 'Beat up.' You are watching a ….."


But is General Flynn alright? @mflynnJR posted this yesterday (May 17th).

A lot can be said about the high spirits of Mike Flynn by analyzing this photo, but forget about it - look at that big boy smile in his grandson!

Flynn pleaded guilty to a minor process crime that he did not commit so he could provide testimony 'on record'.

"Who knows where the bodies are buried?"

And this happened. The judge of his trial was forced "to recuse" himself.

Who? Judge Contreras, who is said to also be involved in the FISC court warrant fraud.

Ex-FBI director JC states that Flynn didn't lie to the Bureau.

And Bob has TWICE requested that his sentencing be delayed.

Why would this be necessary, since Flynn already pleaded guilty?

You can see the Joint Status Report for the second delay.

Text messages released reveal that FBI agent PS (who interviewed Flynn) was friends with the first Judge in Flynn's case.

Yes. Judge Contreras.

And it surfaces that McC criminally CHANGED Flynn's 302 to FRAME HIM.

"If the FBI found NO evidence of lying why was Flynn charged? Expand your thinking."


(And he wanted to be framed, too.)

Master spook.

How do you reconcile these two news pieces?



Flynn knows.

A guilty plea withdrawal for government misconduct is openly discussed in the media.

This broke yesterday. Flynn was spied upon for at least one year prior to the date they pretended to begin his surveillance.

Wouldn't he know that by seating besides Putin in a dinner would attract surveillance from BHO's team? Yes, he would.

master spook 👾

That was "Master Spook" for today


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