• Paul Serran

Manu Macron Demission poised to lose re-election race

It may not be a big surprise to learn that Manu Macron Demission is poised to lose next French presidential election.

The latest polls bring crushing numbers for this moral midget.

1 - 62 per cent saying they are disappointed and just 14 per cent stating they are satisfied by his term as president so far.

2 - 69 per cent of the poll respondents said that they do not expect him to be able to win the 2022 election

3 - Just 74 per cent of people who voted for him in the first round of the presidential race saying they would do so again in 2022.


And yet, this is the man, the destroyer of the Notre Dame Cathedral, who pretends to teach Brazilians how to manage our forests - the third largest in the world, 12 times the size of the entire France. What a clown.

Paul Serran

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