• Paul Serran

Macron Demission - or Les Gilets Jaunes - The Yellow Vests revolution.

For weeks, now, the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) have dealt blow after blow to the globalist French government.

And when the French citizens take to the streets, the world pays attention.

This is how MSM wants you to think they look like.

But I think this is a far better description of them.

But who are they? What do they want? MSM jumps at the opportunity to "explain" it to you. BUT, I have a better idea.

How about letting THEM tell us? They have been writing their creed on their characteristic yellow vests. In "Franglais", in this case.



From the purple-haired young girl to the right up to the white-haired old men on the left, they are indeed "the people", it seems.

A people united is a strong people.



Let's bring back France to reason.

Young people in jail, old people in misery, all the people in RAGE.

World Champion in RAGE.

How enraged are they? A LOT.

Look at this guy - with his hands in his pockets!

The main target is obviously Manu, the very bad globalist president Emmanuel Macron. He does not like to be called Manu, so let's call him that.

Macron démission!

Resign, Macron! It is a rhyme, and also a solution!

Macron, you are screwed, the French have crossed the street!

The people say: "Macron, out!"

The French people are kinda used to this "government recall via insurrection".

Macron, you took us for pawns, now deal with the revolution.

A not-too-flatering opinion on Manu's mother.

Too much taxation, too many suicides.


Manu imposter!

The Yellow vests will triumph!

Whether you see the destruction as a bad thing, or a manifestation of our god-given right to insurrection, this is how they roll in Paris.

The #GreatAwakening - French style.

The movement is expanding to other countries, and OH, LOOK!

At the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

That was Macron Demission for today.




© 2019 BY PAUL SERRAN - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil