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Jussie's Hoax: the Case Files

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

dedicated to @erika_greggs

CHAPTER 1: "This is MAGA Country"

January 29th, 2019. Singer/actor Jussie Smollett, from the "Empire" series, leaves his fancy Chicago building after 1 A.M., and goes down the stairs that lead to the street's lower level.

He finds himself in the corner of New Street and Water Street. He proceeds east, and then north, trying to find a store that was still open, to buy a late-night lunch.

That led him to a Subway store, in North McClurg Court.

Smollett calls his creative director Frank Gaston Jr., who is staying at his apartment. Frank orders a tuna sub, and Jessie gets a salad for himself.

Walking back to his home, Smollett is on the phone with his music manager, Brandon Z. Moore.

Back in the corner of New Street and Water Street, he is attacked by two men in dark clothes and ski masks. They use racial and homophobic slurs and beat him.

They put a noose around his neck, and pour bleach on him.

"This is MAGA country!" - they say.

The attackers then run south on New Street, past the pub Lizzie's, then they take a right at the Chicago River Esplanade.

This is the report filed by the responding officers. Read it as carefully as you can. In this thread, I will try to "un-redact" the police files as much as possible.

A few days ago, Chicago P.D. released the bodycam footage of the police officers arriving at Smollett's house, where he is still wearing the rope around his neck.

Smollett was treated for bruises, scratches and sore ribs at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where the responding detectives interviewed him.

This time he was sure: one of the attackers was white.

The stage was set: from all corners of the MSM, a wave of indignation and false information, to carry the water for the hoax narrative.

If there is a moral to this story, is this:

"Kids, don't try this at home."

Amateur hoaxers like Smollett have *zero* chance against professional cops - as we will see.

A quick spoiler take on the investigation looks like this: detectives canvass the area for footage from multiple security cameras.

They quickly spot the suspects, and reconstruct backwards their itinerary until they catch them getting off a cab.

The cab driver says that he picked them just as they disembarked a black UBER SUV - which he felt was rather odd.

UBER warrant returns only one ride at that exact time and place.

The client information led to the Osundairo brothers.

At that point, in a few minutes, detectives would have found his social media and his obvious connection to the Empire show.


CHAPTER 2: The Last Police Report.

With the benefit of hindsight, it's hard to imagine a different outcome than Smollett getting caught with his shallow amateur plot.

What could you be thinking, Jussie? I noticed that your address on the file was unredacted…

…so I used evil Google's tools to take a look at your FANCY building.

Look at the rooftop pool: this gave me the first clue.

It's hard to get to the top, in entertainment, but to STAY at the top is much harder.

Here we have you saying your Mom is your great reference - quite a common gay theme - and how she put honesty and honor above all.


To go from THAT moral compass to the point where the Chicago mayor has to call out the SHAM you were involved in - with Cook County's State Attorney Kim Foxx - trying to save your neck.

He calls it a "whitewash of justice". SAD.

To be called out publicly on your crimes by the President himself. SAD. You brought it all on yourself.

We will now follow, for reference, the last of the police reports issued by Chicago police, that attempts to sum up the whole investigation.

The report was written by Detectives Michael Theis and Michael Vogenthaler, from the Area Central Detective Division.

Here you are introduced to the three main characters, their relationship and the previous incidents with Smollett - a hate letter and a hate phone call.

It becomes clear, here, that Abimbola Osundairo (aka Bola, aka Abel) was supplying drugs to Smollett, and partying with him.

Smollett asked Abel to help him with his fitness training for a video shoot.

Later, he asked Abel for help on another matter:

Here's the text of Smollett asking for Abel's help.

While many people have posted the drug texts between Abel and Smollett,

I've seen nobody bring THIS incredibly open sexual overture from the star to his "friend".

Abel was able to pass on the "invitation".

But in this text - between the other Nigerian brother, Olabinjo (aka Ola), and another person I could not unveil - we find that Smollett and the "Agency" were always trying to sneak some "gay shit" on them, "like niggas is stupid".

Back to the final report: Smollett explains to the brothers what he wants done with him. He promises to pay them US$3500.

On Sunday, January 27th, Smollett picks up the brothers and drive around his building area, for a "dry run" of the attack.

He drives the brothers back home and pays them with a check.

This is a redacted reproduction of said check for US$3500. It is written for "5-week nutrition program".

Smollett has to reschedule the hoax because he would not return from NY on time.

The brothers took a UBER from their home up to N. Wells Street, where they clumsily flagged Sun Cab #904. Near Smollett's home, they begin to walk around killing time.

This is the footage from the cab: they close their hooded jackets to try and conceal their identities. YEAH, a lot of good that'll do ya!

I forgot to un-redact the names on this graphic. It's always Abimbola (Abel) and Olabinjo (Ola).

The staged attack takes place.

"This is MAGA country", right? Wrong.

This was "Jussie's Hoax". A bad one, too.

In the words of Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson:

After the attack the brothers ran and walked, until they embarked on Cab #1394 to North Marshfield. After that, they walked some more to their home.

Just another night in crooked Cook County, they may have thought.

Far from it.

After the brothers are far from the scene, Chicago PD received a call from Frank, reporting the attack. The detectives join him at the Hospital.

The brothers fly to Nigeria, thinking that a few days there will make the heat go away. Big Mistake.

The noose around his neck was the dog-whistle for the racial and gender activists to go berserk.

And the gay press and establishment were quick to join the cries against the "hate attack".

Chapter 3: Q drop 2768

Jussie's Hoax was a False Flag, with the participation of senators Harris and Booker, to pass the "Lynching law" in the US senate.

There is no possibility of these two events occurring simultaneously at the same time.

"Attempted modern-day lynching": when we see this level of articulation, we always suspect it to be some sort of "4 a.m." narrative message from the puppet-masters.

The press was shamelessly used to shame senators into voting this piece of legislation.

Why do they care about that?

See Q drop 993, April 2nd, 2018: their fear is well justified.

Chapter 4: Back to Case Files.

Using a variety of evidence and testimony, detectives found the Osundairo brothers to be the suspects. They were to be arrested as they returned from Nigeria.

Meanwhile, "victim" Smollett does not fully cooperate. Here you have a handwritten list of the things he refused to give law enforcement to help in the investigation.

That did not keep detectives from quickly connecting Abel and Ola to Smollett.

Their hoax was really not well put in place, and there was plenty of evidence of them.

Police found the place where they bought gloves, ski masks and a red hat.

They found the Crafty Beaver where they bought the rope.

The UBER driver recognized them on a photo array.

Also, CPD was using even the most extravagant of resources, like NSA spy geo-stationary satellites! Wow.

The investigation revealed the criminal past of the Osundairo brothers.

Smollett's past was also uncovered.

A DUI and driving with a suspended license as a young man is hardly a capital offense in my book. I wouldn't even bring it up if the charges didn't include *lying to a police officer*.

Old habits, apparently, die hard.

A safe owned by the brothers was also object of a warrant, and guns and drugs were found inside.

So, as we read above, Abel and Ola were arrested on February 13th at O'Hare.

CPD has released footage of that, too. The Hoax was crumbling FAST.

The next day Smollett tried to reposition himself in the press.

He was reportedly angry at claims he was involved in arranging his own attack.

He contacted CPD to correct information being published in the press. But still, would not fully cooperate.

His media blitz continued: "You better believe my hoax, or else I'll be MAD at you!"

The one and only aspect in which I find the work of Chicago PD to be less than stellar was that they leaked all the time to the press. That hinders the investigation, and ultimately helps the perps.

The Osundairo brothers decide to cooperate with Law Enforcement. The investigation is now reclassified: from a hate crime to a disorderly conduct.

The brothers are stashed away from the press at the South Loop Hotel.

Ola gives police a detailed account of the Hoax.

CPD keeps on leaking the story.

An appearance of the brothers in a Grand Jury in Cook County court was postponed because of an impending meeting between State Attorney's office and Smollett's defense team.

The brothers get the go-ahead to appear on the Grand Jury, and Smollett does not show at the meeting.

"Chicago's Grand Juries will indict a ham sandwich", the old saying goes.

As soon as Ola and Abel testified before the GJ, State Attorney's office charged Jussie Smollett for Disorderly Conduct.

February 21, 2019. Jussie Smollett is arrested. If you feel justice is about to be made, think again.

The last paragraph of the final police report by detectives Theis and Vogenthaler brings the BIG COVERUP by SA Kim Foxx: as soon as he was indicted, they were told they could not investigate the case any longer.

Just take a look: the main warrants for Jussie were not presented or not executed. COVERUP.

The press was having a field day.

The reason stated for his behavior was an attempt to raise his salary and profile in the series. While we have established that "remaining at the top" was certainly a motivation, we also know that not to be the complete explanation.

Many were hurt in their confidence for him.

Once he became a suspect, the logical step would have been to investigate his relationship with his Los Angeles-based, gang-affiliated musical manager, Brandon Z. Moore.

Besides being a rabid anti-Trumper, as you can see in this dig by @almostjingo, he is also closely associated with the "Bloods" gang in California.

Chapter 5: the Kim Foxx COVERUP

Watch this video. It's a great introduction.

There's no way that this behavior by the State's Attorney was on the level.


A former aid for Michelle Obama was openly meddling in, like many in the Democratic establishment were doing in the shadows.

POTUS notes the incompetence and corruption (of the Cook County SA's office), the attacks on MAGA, and demands an apology.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is left wondering why. SAD.

This is REALLY SAD. This, Jussie, may not be who you are, but it certainly is who you WANT TO BE. And you CAN be. IT'S. NOT. SO. HARD.

When Kim Foxx's office dropped the charges and wiped his record clean, a wave of anger and a strong reaction took over Chicago, and America.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. It's less than 3 minutes. Listen closely.

The community work Smollett had to pay was pure BS. And US$10k doesn't NEARLY pay the cost of the investigation.

So the Chicago Police Department is suing Smollett to the tune of 130k dollars. That's more like it!


The FBI received all the investigation material, and is now reviewing it. They want to know why Jussie was given such a sweetheart deal.

POTUS promised on a tweet that the PBI and DOJ will get to the bottom of it. Q reinforces this promise.

By now, the hate letter Smollett received is also thought to be of his own making.

ALSO: Chicago Police shared Intel with the FBI and FBI Special Agent Gregory Wing, who supervises the Child Sex Crimes and Violent Crimes Against Children squad in the FBI’s Chicago Field Office.

Special Agent Wing got a copy of the product of the warrant for Smollett's iCloud.

CHAPTER 7: Fall of the Empire

With almost every bad publicity piece naming "Empire Actor Jessie Smollett", it was obvious that the series would feel the blows.

In the beginning, they put up a brave face of supporting him.

Smollett hired a crisis manager. Too little, too late.

Soon, he had to resort to admitting to an ongoing drug problem.

His role was cut from the last episodes of the season.

It was finally confirmed by the producer: he would not return.

Not only that, but the series will end after the next, Smollett-free season.

CHAPTER 8: The Special Prosecutor

Now, a Chicago Judge has ruled that he is to appoint a Special Prosecutor in Jussie Smollett Case.

This 1min30s video will show you why the dropping of the charges against Smollett may have been a bad deal for him.

That was "Jussie's Hoax: the Case Files".

dedicated to @erika_greggs


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