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John Durham: +ENDGAME+

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Dedicated with respect to @tracybeanz, @drawandstrike and @themarketswork

As I gave final touches to the thread, the bombshell: DOJ (finally) admits John Durham's probe is a criminal investigation that will serve subpoenas, impanel Grand Juries and file (unseal?) indictments.

This is part of the story of "The Year of the Boomerang", when the Leader of the Free World fought back his treasonous enemies, by the book, without social upheaval.

In the beginning, there was AG Sessions.

Scared patriots were *sure* "nothing was happening, nothing was ever gonna be investigated".

But not us: Q had hinted that a prosecutor was working on it from *outside the Swamp*.

A short time later, Sessions confirmed in an interview that US Attorney from Utah, John Huber, was tasked with investigating the origins of the Russia probe.

Sessions' appointment of Huber was a reaction to a letter by Republican senators.

So for quite a while, we saw that as a Sessions/Horowitz/Huber operation.

But we also knew that this was a "mirrored", a multi-pronged attack prosecution, no "single shooter" half-assed attempt.

So, on December 12th, miraculously replying to a thread of mine on Huber, Q posted:

"What if there's another prosecutor (outside of DC) assigned by SESSIONS w/ the same mandate/authority?





That's when we learned about the existence of the stealth bomber. The tip of the spear. The endgame.

John Durham.

But before he was to be revealed, many changes were to take place in the DOJ.

POTUS brought in a kickass new AG, William Barr, to reboot the narrative - although the investigations where ongoing.

Barr explains his need for a "review" of the origins of the Russia probe for the lack of explanations that he got as the new AG.

BUT: you want to see just how plugged-in Durham is to the #GreatAwakening: look the day he was first 'named' USA for Connecticut:

ONE DAY before the Q posts started dropping!

Q drop 2604: forced release of Huber's name created another variable.

"Why would we tell you the plan if in doing so also alerts those who we are actively engaged in HUNTING?"

First order of business for Barr was to close the ridiculous Mueller probe, which he did incredibly fast.

The style of communication they chose to utilize relies HEAVILY on euphemisms: no investigations, just "reviews". No interrogations, just "interviews". He is "taking a look", is "interested in finding out", etc.

The man they chose for the most important prosecution EVER is John Durham, a veteran prosecutor who has locked up scores of mobsters, successfully prosecuted dozens of corrupt politicians, helped develop a widely imitated strategy against inner city gun and drug violence.

Durham, a Republican, accepted controversial assignments for successive presidential administrations of both political parties. Read below what the lawyers with whom he contended in court said about him:

“He can be a hard guy, but if you show him something, he will reconsider. He’s tough, but he’s fair.”

“He’s such a decent guy you can't hate him,” Cardinal said. “That can make it hard to get motivated."

“John’ s style is dogged and focused,” Mr. Clark said. “Because he is so intent on following the facts, he refuses to become involved in any political dimension or detour.”

Even on SLATE:

"No one has anything bad to say about Durham, a veteran prosecutor whom everyone describes as tough and relentless."

So it came to be that POTUS nominated Durham, and his nomination was confirmed by voice vote of the Senate. But first he had to fill a questionnaire about his career that's actually his best interview. Let's check it out.

From his beginning trying minor cases, through his stint in New Haven's DA Office prosecuting repeat offenders, soon he was in the Boston Strike Force on Organized Crime, tackling the Genovese, Gambino and Patriarca crime families.

In 1987, he was already prosecuting a "wide variety of criminal matters involving public corruption, complex white collar crimes, racketeering activities, gang violence".

For this prosecutor, racketeer, member of the Mafia, crooked public official, white collar criminal - it doesn't really matter, they all face the music.

He has convicted those guilty of a high-profile Ponzi-scheme and Mortgage-Fraud scheme.

He is unimpressed by rank: and has prosecuted a crooked Governor that pled guilty.

Democrat AG Janet Reno appointed him to Justice Task Force, where he tackled corruption and infiltration by the Irish mob in Massachusetts.

However powerful, however dangerous, Durham takes the prosecution where the facts lead to.

Latin Gang Los Solidos? Check. Klu Klux Klan racists with illegal explosives? Check. Wise Guys from La Cosa Nostra? CHECK!

Violent crimes and financial crimes were both prosecuted with the same vigor.

He has helped tackle Teamsters' embezzlement. Has investigated both FBI and CIA agents.

Let's take a look at how he was seen when chosen to lead the investigation into the CIA destroying tapes that might have contained evidence of illegal torture during interrogations.

Cracks the impossible cases, not partisan, unafraid of clowns, politicians or inter-agency gangs.

A man of moderation and some modesty.

With a career like that, it's no surprise John Durham was confirmed by the Senate and Sworn in as the 52nd US Attorney for the District of Connecticut.


So, when Barr took old, mumbling Mueller out of the way, he set out to do the seemingly undoable.

In his way, filled with euphemisms:

OH he is launching a "new look"? hahahahaha

And so, came the prosecutor from the shadows Q warned us about.

Durham has been tasked with determining whether the Justice Department, FBI and intelligence authorities improperly surveilled the 2016 Trump campaign.

He took over part of the Huber probe.

Italy entered the investigation. And so did Joseph Misfud.

Soon, it was clear all the 5Eyes connections were going to be probed. The unofficial foreign intel gathering will come to the open.

Barr is clear: the objective is to save the republic from the "Praetorian Guard mentality".

Many connections were made in Australia, in Rome, in London and the Ukraine.

Immediate result: the probe was "expanded" - some more good-old euphemism.

This wonderful article by Jeff Carlson @themarketswork shows how a lot of FBI, CIA and DNI personnel have already been 'interviewed', that Clapper and Brennan are on the crosshairs, and that DURHAM HAS FOUND SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT.

At that moment, DOJ was still refusing to admit the obvious.

Back to the article by Jeff Carlson @themarketswork, he tells us how the IC created the first reports on the Russia Hoax, how Brennan included the shitty Steel dossier in the "Assessment" sent to BHO, and how hero Mike Rogers dissented from it.

@themarketswork talks about the use of Unofficial Foreign Intelligence, abusing 5Eyes intelligence sharing protocols.

According to Trey Gowdy, who has read the classified docs, Brennan fed Comey the BS intel against the Trump Campaign.

And finally, Jeff Carlson explains the tactic of reverse targeting, how that puts Brennan in the line of fire, and how Durham has articulated with Horowitz and his monster investigation.

So, finally - it was not a 'new look', a 'review', or an 'examination'.

It is a criminal investigation that will issue subpoenas, impanel Grand Juries and indict the Spygate plotters.

Like @drawandstrike has reminded us, this is NOT a popularity contest, this is a criminal investigation. And MSM whining has ZERO effect.

Clapper and Brennan are all over the news making fools of themselves.

The future looks bleak for them, and for their co-plotters in this attempted coup-d'état.


Remember when this seemed so unlikely?

I T ' S H A P P E N I N G

This is part of the story of "The Year of the Boomerang", when the Leader of the Free World vanquished his treasonous enemies, by the book, without social upheaval.

That was my #QAnon thread on John Durham: +THE ENDGAME+


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