• Paul Serran

How did it feel?

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

(It was a lovely afternoon.)

Pete: grandpa, where were you when president Trump arrested the deep state players?

Grandpa: Where was I? I was where I always was: in front of the computer.

Pete: and how did it feel?

Grandpa: Oh, there was great joy around the nation, and...

Pete: No, grandpa. How did YOU feel?

Grandpa: You know your grandma's apple pie?

Pete: Of course I know it!

Grandpa: It was sweeter than that.

Pete: Oh come on, Grandpa. You're pulling my leg. Nothing is sweeter than that!

Grandpa: You may be right. But it was almost as good!

Pete: Wow, that's really something...

Grandpa: Every new perpwalk was like a drink of fresh lemonade.

Pete: And then they went to the Guantanamo?

Grandpa: Many did.

Pete: And what about the gallows?

Grandpa: What about them?

Pete: Tell me about the gallows, grandpa!

Grandpa: One day, son. you are still too young for this part of the story.

Pete: Too young? But you told me how Judas died hanging!

Grandpa: So, you know all you need to know.

Rio de Janeiro,

September 29th, 2019

Paul Serran

© 2019 BY PAUL SERRAN - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil