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Globalism is Burning

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Growing up in the 20th Century, if you asked me what were the countries that the US and the Free World could rely upon, I would have certainly said "UK, France, Germany and Canada."

Fast Forward to our days, when we actually have a leader of the free world working FOR us, I find it so disturbing that we haven't been able to count on any of those countries.

Justin, Angela, Theresa and Emmanuel are four Globalist leaders having their leaderships contested or terminated over the Conservative and Nationalistic revolutions that WE are bringing about.

They are in trouble with their citizens.

They are in trouble with the Justice.

They are in trouble with each other.

Globalism is Burning.

Let's begin with the poster boy for Globalism, Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada. His reelection was deemed inevitable. Was.

His leadership imploded when his Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould accused him of repeatedly pressure her to drop corruption charges against a large construction company, and reach a settlement instead.

Justin has already sacrificed his best friend to try and placate the crisis. Did not work out.

AG Raybould gave an very damning testimony to Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and now his leadership is now openly questioned.

The press is having a field day in their usual fashion.

The press is having a field day in their usual fashion.

The Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has called on Justin to resign - which he won't do, of course.

But this puts him on a very bad track for the election in October.

"You can't lead through selfies". Ouch! SNC-Lavalin seems to be involved in some real shady stuff, but even if this is more of a garden-variety corruption, is more than bad enough to sack him out of power.

Burn, baby, burn!

British Prime Minister Theresa May should be a conservative, and could have been one of the greatest characters of our time. But she is no Margaret Thatcher.

She inherited the task of making Brexit happen from her predecessor John Cameron. And she is NOT excelling at the task.

This is no simple matter - it has brought about a political storm in the UK.

The British people voted, and they chose to leave the European Union. Any outcome different from that is a betrayal of the popular mandate of the highest order.

But May has buckled repeatedly to the relentless pressure from Brussels.

She's rightfully seen as weak and unreliable.

Meanwhile British people fight to have their voice heard.

The people, having voted already and settled the matter, has now to pressure their leaders not to find any excuse to betray Brexit.

A hard Brexit, if it needs be.

Leave means leave!

Now, it seems May can only roll her Brexit bill through Parliament if she agrees to resign sooner rather, than later.

Burn, baby burn!

Manu is the president of France. Or is he?

Emmanuel "Macron Demission" hates to be called Manu.

Let's call him Manu.

Manu also pretended to be a Conservative, market-oriented guy. But in his push for a Globalist agenda, he wound up with a 21st Century Revolution in his hands.

He's an imposter, and the ultimate target of the Yellow Vests Protests.

Since the beginning, Manu has hoped to outlast the protesters' endurance.

We are in WEEK SIXTEEN. I venture to suggest it's a poor strategy.

Manu can't understand Yellow Vests "anymore". Like he ever did.

His measure of understanding are the European Forces he used to kill, blind and maim his own citizens.

The Conservative World soon wrapped its arms around the French people flirting with revolution.

Manu has to make the old, usual Globalist play of censuring the citizens.

Burn, baby, burn!

Of course, we have German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Godmother of Globalism. The architect of Western Europe demise.

Grandpa Adolf would be so proud!

Her "greatest achievement" for the cause of Globalism is the migrant crisis. A nightmare scenario of epic proportions.

In October 2018, Merkel announced that she would not seek reelection as leader of the CDU at the party convention in December 2018, and would not seek reelection as Chancellor in 2021.

But not before she bullied EU countries into accepting a unbelievable amount of unverified migrants, unable of adapting and integrating into the fabric of their societies.

That led to the [rape of Europe].

A continent that voluntarily surrendered to invading forces.

Please, Lord, wake me up, and let me find that this is just a bad dream.

The most emblematic sample of this situation is that now you have "no-go zones" in SWEDEN!

The Scandinavian Paradise is now a fractured society.

Even with the recipe for disaster giving such abundant fruits, Angela still feels like pushing Eastern European countries into obeying the Globalist EU rules on migration.

But Poland, Hungary and other nations have learned well from Sweden.

It's unlikely they'll comply.

Who wants to invite such self-inflicted wounds?

She does. Burn, baby, burn!

Justin, Angela, Theresa and Emmanuel. Four Globalists in the hot seat.

Globalism is Burning!

Burn, baby, burn!

It's not the Trumps - is the Trammps - but it's close!

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