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Flynn Trial Update

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

We've had 3 Q drops dealing with the Flynn trial in the last busy days of posting.

To begin with, we must acknowledge that Flynn now has new representation, Sidney Powell - a kickass one, too!

Meet Sidney Powell in the words of Sarah carter:

First news piece posted by Q is also by the very pro-Flynn Sara Carter. We find that extraordinary tactics were used upon the General and his team by David Laufman, former head of the National Security Division of the DOJ.

This "lovely" fellow.

He resigned in disgrace because of IG Horowitz probe into the HRC email investigations. Crooked fellow, we can guess.

Flynn did NOT know there were false informations on the FARA form filled by his team.

Flynn, very naturally, refuses to testify that he lied on purpose, since it is not true.

Sidney Powell is seeking NAT SEC clearance, to be able to tackle classified material about the interference by Laufman and possibly others.

Second piece posted by Q is from the failing, Flynn-hating NYT. Let's read it in black to emphasize their evil.

They have the most damning spin on the new filling by Flynn.

The judge wants to know how the questions on the prosecution of Flynn's ex-partner (in which he was a witness) will affect this trial.


NYT is refreshing our memories about the case - always in the worst possible light.

NYT remembers Flynn's past troubles with Judge Sullivan.

Flynn could face up to six months jail sentence - but we all know he will be exonerated.

I will link here my 3 previous threads about General Flynn. The first is "Master Spook"

The second is about the then upcoming, but interrupted sentencing.

And notes about what was happening before Sidney Powell got on board of his defense.

That was "Flynn Trial Update".

Dedicated with greatest respect to @GenFlynn and his family.


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