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Fighting Big Tech

Updated: Jul 29, 2019


8 days ago I was surprised by this Q post, one of his most direct statements in over 3K drops:


It was followed by this drop, where Q encourage us to read the past drops about DARPA and Big Tech.

Now, this is usually my area of engagement: the department of "You have more than you know".

So I went to work.

It was immediately clear that this story was in the midst of the fight to

B R E A K B I G T E C H ! ! !

It was clear the Big Tech moguls were not simply brave entrepreneurs, but rather many fronts for DARPA/CIA.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is an agency of the US Department of Defense responsible for emerging technologies for military use, developing projects to expand the frontiers of technology and science, OFTEN BEYOND IMMEDIATE U.S. MILITARY REQUIREMENTS.

We will also learn how the "Agency" (CIA) used Big Tech to circumvent legislation, and assemble a gigantic data-base of intel about all Internet users, in fact implementing an illegal Surveillance State.

Nobody playing the game gets a free pass.

The first Big Tech character to be paraded in the spotlight of the Q drops was then Alphabet's (Google) CEO Eric Schmidt.

Drop 559, January 2018: Q mentions the resignation of, ES, and how it may be linked to his trip to North Korea, and the private computer network he built there.

What we learned in the Q drops is that, besides the Chinese controlling NK, the Deep State also had a backdoor into the Korean Nuclear Missile project, a backdoor that ES helped implement.

Other recurring character is our host in this lovely platform, Jack Dorsey.

January 23rd, 2018. Q asks: who did Jack lose?

Q was making a reference to Anthony Noto, COO of Twitter, one of its most vital executives.

Jack appears to be controlled and "protected" by Nancy Pelosi, which is evidently quite risky.

"Be smarter than those controlling you".

Jack has open (covert) messages with the Cabal (HRC, Roths etc). He allowed Edward Snowden to use his treasonous skills to access, censor and track Twitter users. He is threatened with jail: "Don't drop the soap".

Finally, we have perhaps the most infamous of the 3: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.

Q has predicted his loss of power, but so far MZ has weathered the storm and remained at the helm of his empire.

But he HAS lost. His credibility. As the events in the end of this thread will show, he may also lose his liberty.

Q has made repeated mentions to a secret meeting between D's, John Brennan, Mark and Jack, to coordinate the "resistance" and the rigging of their platforms against conservatives.

Q talks about the troubles Facebook are experiencing - apparently about user's data leaks and sales - letting us know that insiders were dumping stock.

Constitutional CRISIS. Twitter, Google, Microsoft and 12 others are in Justice's crosshairs.

Photos will surface of Obama holding an AK-47. Q predicts platforms will work to kill the story and even the NET may shut down.

Deep state would go to any lengths to protect its masters and keep the people in the dark.

Before testifying in Congress, Zuckerberg made a fresh new round of political donations across both sides of the aisle.

Drop 1103: it doesn't matter if you never had Facebook.

You are being tracked anyway.

"Agencies attached" - Q was not quite as forthcoming yet.

Q writes again about the resignation of Eric Schmidt, and talks about how Google hides in its servers a number of e-mail drafts that were shared between the bad players for illegal comms.

The trick is that these users shared password to bogus email accounts, and there, they wrote email drafts that they never sent, so - they thought - those messages would never be sniffed by NSA.

Q talks about Facebook being a metadata collection, and how its project Building 8 was connected to China.

And we learn that the deeply secretive division is headed by… a former DARPA executive. The more you know…

June 12, 2018. Q writes about the many ways that Big Tech and Mockingbird Media will collaborate to censor conservative speech: in Twitter, in 4chan, Reddit, MSM, Facebook.

The Street knows of the incoming judicial problems for Big Tech, so the shares for Facebook and Twitter both fell around 20%, and kept falling.

The news pieces we read don't bring the real reasons, but the smart money knows that BIG judicial trouble lies ahead and that severe regulation may be put in place.

August 14th, 2018. Q Drop number 1876.

This is one of those drops that will have to be broken down in segments.

It's to answer the question: what was in those secret Gmail drafts that Google was sheltering for the Deep State?

Evidence of ordering of murders, of facilitating trafficking at the border, sharing classified information to criminal operations and Judicial information to help criminals evade justice.

Slush funds, criminal behavior, interference with Justice, and of course: MB. What seems to be one of the biggest rabbit holes.

Coordination with UK espionage on POTUS, various corrupt deals, and also radio espionage.

Meanwhile: Google tracks your movements, FB listens, Twitter uses Geo-tracking…

We are under constant surveillance.


Drop 2061 is deceivingly short, but shows trouble brewing at Facebook, and also delves in the family tree from Google's founder.

By September, 2018, no less than 7 senior executives had left Facebook. That is very unlike the tradition in the company.

The other subject on drop 2061 is the family of Moscow-born founder of Google, Sergey Brin, and their ties to [DARPA].

Google played a part in the coup d'état through their enabling of comms via Gmail draft. And that ties into the resignation of Eric Schmidt.

Nobody gets a free pass, Mark.

September 12th, Q asks the question:

How do you demonstrate 'reasonable cause' to regulate and/or break up BIG TECH?

Nobody gets a free pass, Jack.

Drop 2298, 29th September, 2018.

"TWITTER has been given the green light to blanket censor all content deemed to threaten their SURVIVAL."

Having received court order to surrender data, Google promotes some data cleanup.

The Chinese angle in the Big Tech shenanigans is somehow tied to Diane Spynstein.

Q brings the plans of Google to launch a censored platform for the Chinese government, and explains how the Russia narrative actually covers for the RAMPANT Chinese infiltration.

Nobody gets a free pass, Eric.

POTUS criticizes Google, that is defended by MSM in unison. Google will be regulated. The censorship will NOT go unpunished.

We are getting used to that: after the spotlight was cast upon their dealings, the Offices of Google in China ***conveniently*** catches fire.

Q hints Google's denial of the launching of their platform for China is moot, since they would have already given the Chinese the capabilities.

This is a MOST important drop - Big Tech [DARPA] collects data for the CIA, circumventing legislation. For that, they base some of their operations in China.

Q also talks about the Agency's Web Cloud contract with Amazon.

Facebook begins dismantling his Building 8 project that got flagged.

Facebook is DARPA's LifeLog: the project was killed and the company were created ON THE SAME DAY.


Mark tries to sing a new song.

And then there was the call: re-review past drops.

Let's agree I was NOT very fast.

"Major steps underway to challenge those control pockets."

The news piece Q posted was very telling: Google was born of research grants to study mass surveillance.

The piece is very long, so here's the link if you wanna check on it.

In those 8 days, so much has happened in our WAR, where we bring freedom of information, Dark to LIGHT, against both MSM and Big Tech.

Q posts a link by @Jordan_Sather, that talks about how Google invests MASSIVELY in Data mining. Surveillance State. NSA targeted, CIA protected.

Trolling is fun! The paid shill brothers unnaturally appear in every POTUS tweet.

They got scared!

March 13th: Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp down.

Cleaning crew active, getting rid of the Garbage Package.

Sorry, CIA. ;)

and the reason is this: a criminal investigation.

You can read the whole NYT piece: now that Q reminded us of the hack to bypass their pay walls, we will have a LOT more of their unfair, treasonous yet somewhat informative content.

And Facebook keeps bleeding top executives.

Let's read the whole piece? NYT is picking up the tab, today.

Mr. Cox sure sold a lot of Class A shares lately.

Facebook "explained" that the outage was just a server change in configuration. Oh, of course. I'm so glad they explained it all. ;)

WhatsApp creator warned the world it's time to delete their Facebook apps from their devices. A year too late, for me - but hey, thanks for the tip!

Dark to LIGHT: Google works with Chinese military but NOT the American.

And Twitter apparently thinks it's not interfering enough in the online conversations. SMH.

B R E A K B I G T E C H ! ! !

It'll be the first victory in the war to end the Surveillance State once and for all.

Wonderful Cartoon by Ben Garrison.

A thread this long has to have a song in the end. When it's all mixed up, better break it down.

That was "Fighting Big Tech" for today.



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