• Paul Serran


Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Some people are lucky enough not only to have a family (that's already quite lucky) but also a family that has awakened together.

But not everyone is SO lucky.

An Anon write this to Q:

This is how Q responded. Please pay close attention.

Do not force those not yet ready.

Another Anon wrote this, on a more complaining note.

Q responded reminding him (or her) that, while our own sacrifices are not negligible, they can't be compared to the burden that many are carrying.

When #TheStorm hits D5 force, your family will need you to be there for them. Many values will be shattered, visions of the world will collapse. YOU WILL BE THERE FOR THEM.

Meanwhile, if you want to red-pill people around you, I have an idea for you. It's an idea of mine, and it's not necessarily endorsed by the Q team. Bear with me.

Rather than be overeager to share intel with people, I propose you play on people's curiosity. Treat the Q drops knowledge as a "members only club". Be reluctant to tell them about Q stuff, hint they "may not be prepared".

I don't know about you people, but I see that people ALWAYS want to know stuff that's rather secret. So play upon that.

But don't force people.

That was Family for today.



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