• Paul Serran

Drunk Awakening

- So there I was, LAUGHING at all you tinfoil hatters! 

- I know.

- Ha! But suddenly all around me they started calling for socialism and open borders and reparations and "aborting" living babies!

- It's ok. Drink your beer. It's ok.

- I said living babies!

- I know. Calm down. You'll feel better tomorrow. 

- I will feel like shit, tomorrow!

- Well, perhaps not tomorrow, but eventually.

- How can you be so calm?

- I am the calm before the storm.

- Don't you see what's happening?

- Unfortunately, I do see. 20/20 vision.

- So? HOW can you be so calm?

- You have more than you know.

© 2019 BY PAUL SERRAN - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil