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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Dedicated to the wonderful @erika_greggs photo montages by the sensational @GalhardiJulio

Monument Valley. Imagine the pure air, the smells of the desert. Picture a soft harmonica playing in the background.

Yes, because this #QAnon thread today will be told in the style of a John Ford western. In the beginning, there was the Nunes Memo. Then there was DECLAS.

This is the story of Sheriff Donald Trump, and how he took down the villains of the Deep State in the [Shootout at the DNC Corral], with the release of the information to the American people.

Sheriff came riding the best economy of our lifetime, dragging his feeble party to an incredible season of unrelenting winning.

But he had a life-or-death challenge ahead of him.

September 6th: POTUS trumpets his numbers on a tweet, and begins to signal with the declassification of the Carter Page FISA Application.

That would blow over SpyGate.

Here, you have an earlier thread of mine on Spygate, for reference.

Drop 2129, September 10th, tells us how DECLAS will mean that Rod will be gone, that all signers of bogus FISA are under investigation, and the BHO administration as a whole will be dragged into the scandal.

Q talks about the FEMA presidential alert test, and reminds us there's text evidence out there of a plot to kill POTUS.

The drop highlighted one of the ways now available to POTUS to circumvent MSM's censorship when the time comes to reveal serious information about Democratic bad players.

POTUS orders the DECLAS of the Carter Page FISA Application.

DOJ (meaning [RR]) sends it to OIG Horowitz for review.

It becomes clear that Sheriff Trump's stagecoach has two roadblocks on his way to the DNC Corral, in the form of two crooked Marshalls.

The first is "trigger happy"

Bob Mueller and his never-ending Russia probe. Optics dictate

this has to be over before

DECLAS can bring the light.

The other is Rod Rosenstein, the gatekeeper protecting the bad players from the DNC Corral.

He also has to be dealt with.

The work Rod did derailed and delayed the disclosure considerably.

But he is only delaying the inevitable.

Q drops the legislation showing Rod broke the law, by classifying material to cover for crimes.

Back to Monument Valley. Take a second. Cue in epic music.

In the midterms, D's re-take control of the House. More frightened souls fear all is lost.

Q explains how the Senate majority was the vital element, how DECLAS overrides House investigations and assures us that all the investigations and sealed prosecutions proceed normally.

Q reminds us of the gigantic scope of the investigations unfolding. The public is about to be aware of THAT.

You can check again my "Trust Huber" thread about this BIG historical operation. This thread was posted by Q in December 12th 2018. So, believe me, it's good!

Sure enough, the Sheriff soon went about clearing his road to the DNC Corral.

Drop 2681 breaks down what's to come for DECLAS. Read this a couple of times, slowly, if you can.

It begins with crooked Marshall Rod.

He gets "fired" upon.

First, acting AG Whitaker took the oversight of the Russia Probe from Rod's hands.

And, now, we learn he is to be substituted by Jeffrey Rosen as Deputy AG.

Goodbye, Mr. Rosenstein.

New AG William Barr gets first crack at trigger happy Bob. Check out this photo story thread of mine:

So, the time came to "fire" upon Bob, too.

We learn that Mueller's probe is bound to end soon, maybe as early as next week.

Trigger Happy Bob may maneuver to the very end…

But the Sheriff is a faster draw.

So, while MSM starts to re-position themselves for the fiasco…

Goodbye, Mr. Mueller.

Back to Drop 2681: Barr and Whitaker will override Rod's "reservations" and take it away from OIG's hands for review.

Barr executes order to DECLAS and releases it to Congress, with a public scope Memo and Classified material.

So, then we have OIG report, NK summit, D's terminal narrative push, and…

Dark to LIGHT.

Potus storms the DNC Corral.

It's now out in the open that there was a coup attempt against POTUS.

The charges will be: Treason, Sedition, Subversion, Conspiracy to Commit Murder against a sitting POTUS.

The Gunfight in the DNC Corral was a hell of a fire fight.

But the Sheriff was a faster draw, and he had his secret weapon: DECLAS.

As we ride back from mythical Monument Valley to our everyday lives, we can be sure:

There is a Sheriff Trump working on our behalf.

And when he unleashes DECLAS, the LIGHT will spread all over the world.

And no matter how hard the slaves of the DNC Corral fight back…

POTUS can use the Emergency Alert System, the Video and Streaming Platforms, and, of course, the Q board.

Goodbye, Deep State.

No Western should go by without a song. This one is sung in a Stagecoach by an Irish bounty, hunter taking a dead wanted man to Justice.

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That was "DECLAS" for today.



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