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Dark to LIGHT

A #QAnon thread on "Dark to LIGHT" #GreatAwakening

Take a close look at drop 703. Perhaps even read it twice.

"Patriots have planned, installed, and by the grace of God, activated, the beam of LIGHT".

What follows contradicts a few faulty but very popular assumptions in the #QAnon scene, so bear with me before we dive into the actual drops.

The first faulty assumption is "all symbolism is evil". It is true Q has said that "their need for symbolism will be their downfall". Because it makes it easier to see through their plans, and also to build judicial evidence.

But at the same time that we, in #TheStorm, are working to counter the narratives by the Mockingbird Media, White Hats will have to do the same correction in the symbolic infrastructure of western culture. #GreatAwakening

There is a lot of healing to be done there. We can't shy away of it. It's a symbolic war as much as it is a military or an information war.

The second faulty assumption to be challenged is "Secret Societies are inherently and invariably evil". While most secret societies today ARE evil, let's go again to drop 703.

I can't fail to recognize here the workings of a secret society of people slowly and laboriously setting up the conditions for our world to be saved from darkness.

The idea of benign secret societies is no stretch of the imagination, as it finds grounds in historical data available, and is specifically mentioned in the Q drops.

The third assumption that I'm not accepting, here: "All secret happenings are ominous and evil, and we can only count on the victories that are publicly known." WRONG.

We know that 60% of the action will take place in the shadows, and we only get to infer it from the 40% we do see.

So: symbolism CAN be a force for good, some secret societies ARE working on our behalf, and most of what we don't see is EXCELLENT NEWS for us, anyway. Let's proceed.

Dark to LIGHT is a signature that appears on the Q drops alongside many subjects, but - as I see it - always in the context of this symbolic and physical healing.

Drop 134: November 11, 2017. The signature appears for the first time, in the context of the extraordinary "anti-corruption raids" by the good King Salman of Saudi Arabia.

The National Guard was launched, Martial Law was instated, and MANY of the Kingdom's most powerful Princes and Ministers were arrested.

The Safe-Havens for Child Trafficking were disrupted, and no less than 3 THOUSAND children were freed at once.

The biggest Saudi puppeteer of the American Politics was arrested, tortured and gave a treasure trove of evidence.

As Q states, bank evidence will list names, family history, investments, contacts…

This has created a STORM of indictments for bad actors in America, and behind the 7K sealed indictments lies a WORLD of hurt for D's and RINOs.

Also, it is well worth celebrating that many of the world's ports for Child Trafficking are closed, and the remaining are subject to increasing pressure from the US and SA.

This symbolic war has very real repercussions.

Drop 610, January 26, 2018. Exactly one year ago. This Executive Order is very, very important.

It is the legal cornerstone that will frame the whole operation, so we'd be well advised to know it thoroughly.

January 31, 2018. During the State of the Union Address, in the Capitol, POTUS freed political players that were being kept hostage by the Deep State. FREEDOM DAY.

You may begin to understand why the SOTU can't be "broadcast from the border". It's the SYMBOLISM.

The State of the Union Address, in the hands of POTUS, is a FREEDOM DAY, an event that has both symbolic and practical reverberations.

The 2018 SOTU was a great show, with the presence of the MS-13 victim's families, and the great North-Korean refugee with the crutches. In 2019, it will be much, much better.

So important was the last SOTU, that the train with GOP congressmen and women suffered a terrorist attack, that was foiled by a surveillance drone. See the symbolism? "Trump train hits garbage truck".

We can rant about the Deep State from the safety of our homes - while these guys, if the Drone does not protect them, they're DEAD. You may wanna factor that into the equation before you criticize them.

The fact remains: FREEDOM DAY is a symbolic milestone that can't be bypassed.

February 2nd, drop 664: along with the international trafficking lanes, Q now addresses the internal pedophile rings, and their connections to Showbiz and Entertainment.

Up is down, left is right.

The many crimes involving "The Standard Hotel" deserve a thread of their own, and this is hardly the moment to unravel them.

But we know it will eventually come to LIGHT.

Mockingbird Media will try to bury it, but we will be a thousand points of light making it come out of the Darkness.

February 5th, drop 666. The Nunes MEMO, our first glimpse into Spygate, was dropped on a Friday just before Super Bowl.

"Can we simply arrest the opposition w/o first exposing the TRUTH? FOLLOW THE LIGHT."

Drop 764 lays the sequence very clearly:

Build the MAP, find the KEY, spread the TRUTH, shine the LIGHT -- HUMANITY SAVED.

Dark to LIGHT.

May 6th, drop 854: the frightful perspective of "THE VIDEO". [Impossible to defend].

As of now, I am not convinced such a video would come public. But that is what we are led to believe from the Q drops.

And we will be the ones to make it go around the world in a heartbeat.

In the words of our hero, General Flynn, "this is an insurrection" - we are here to combat the Mockingbird Media's fake narratives, and to substitute with TRUTH.

We have grown accustomed to the idea of the "Wizards and Warlocks" taking care of the INTEL.

But we must now accept there have been other benign forces at play, for a long time.

This is a spiritual war, as much as anything else.

How about on November 11th, do you remember the earthquake that shook the whole planet, with vibration waves of "17 seconds in length"? Dark to LIGHT.

"Patriots have planned, installed, and by the grace of God, activated, the beam of LIGHT".

In other parts of the world, FREEDOM mutates into her twin sister, LIBERTY.

As we speak, #GiletsJaunes fight globalism in France, and #VenezuelaLibre fights socialism and misery.

Dark to LIGHT.

That was Dark to LIGHT for today.


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