• Paul Serran

Creepy Uncle Joe and the 30 Pieces of Silver

Updated: Oct 7, 2019


Once you start studying a subject, you never know what other disciplines you end up becoming enlightened about. Once I was reading the excellent book "The Historical Jesus" by John Dominic Crossan, and - lo and behold - I wound up learning something deeply valuable about corruption. I'll explain.

Crossan wrote the book in 1976, I read it at the turn of the 21st Century. He is a secular author, who used religious and historical texts to try to find out what can be known about that person that lived as a 1) Mediterranean 2) Jewish 3) Peasant.

The book is well worth the read, and while not religious, the author was in a search for truth that deeply reinforced my faith in Jesus. But that is NOT what I came to write about today.

Among the first-hand sources that Crossan uses to establish the Mediterranean frame of mind in Jesus time, are personal letters, written in papyrus, from that region of the Roman Empire.

The VAST majority of those letters are from someone asking for a political favor, a job or a sinecure. It is SO prevalent that you could almost say the privileged learned to write so they could ask powerful people for favors.


So we get it: nepotism and corruption are OLD AND ENTRENCHED in western culture. And like Janus Bifrons, this animal has two faces. One nepotistic face promises or delivers state benefits or jobs not out of merit, but primarily to establish a debt lien from the beneficiary to the benefactor. That is a big part of his power. The other face is corruption, where the powerful character make the wheels of business and government turn in his own favor.

In a sense, the nepotism creates the atmosphere in which corruption can fester unchallenged. And that is crucial. In our days, the nepotism mechanism has been weaponized into mass promises of state freebies and benefits. It's mass nepotism propelled by rocket fuel. Never mind that the people being promised free shit are the same ones that'll have to pay for all this sooner or later.

This Biden debacle is a picture perfect case where nepotism and corruption are joined in a deadly embrace. Creepy Uncle Joe is OLD AND ENTRENCHED in the American Republic. It's decades playing the game and lining his pockets.

Bidens: corruption and nepotism made indistinguishable.

It probably starts in an innocuous way, but pretty son it escalates into you selling your every mandate move to the highest bidder. You also pretty soon get to be compromised in ways that'll ensure you will NEVER repent and correct your ways.

When Biden rises to the apex of political power in the American Republic (how's that even possible), he goes into overdrive, he has the means and he certainly has the will.

When it came time to repeatedly take those 30 pieces of silver, and betray all that should be sacred to him, Creepy uncle Joe never thought twice. I am pretty sure none of them ever felt the smallest remorse while they gladly rode the US towards the cliff.

When the reckoning comes upon them - and it will come, be sure - just watch as they'll be genuinely surprised that this old treasured habit of them, that goes back millennia, is now frowned upon.

"But I gave you so much free shit!"

Rio de Janeiro, October 3rd, 2019

Paul Serran

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