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Updated: Dec 26, 2019



This update is my FOURTH thread on Jeffrey Epstein. When I wrote the first, he hadn't even been re-arrested yet.

I will post the links to all previous threads at the end of this one.

While the thread tries to take into consideration the most relevant of the DOZENS of developments in this story, it does have a overarching theme:


In the 80's, that is how he described what he did. A "bounty hunter" for big corporations and unspecified foreign governments.


In a safe, inside his US$77M NY townhouse, police found a long-expired Austrian passport, from the 1980's.

It had Epstein's photo but a different name - and stated his country of residence to be in Saudi Arabia.

So, the *Bounty Hunter* has an Austrian Passport.

Think Black Forest.

It states a Saudi residence.

Think Bloody Wonderland.

I feel like we've come near the vortex of the Cabal's Global Spider Webs.

We will return to that, because first we have to deal with - guess what? - the *Clinton Foundation*.

By now we all know Bill Clinton's statement downplaying his relationship with Epstein, saying he only flew a limited number of times on the Lolita Express, always with Secret Service, and never in the presence of minors.


We have this Q drop - with an image from alleged "trafficked-girl-gone-trafficker", 16 year-old Ray Chandler, *with Bill*, on the plane.

It alone shuts down Bill's story.

BUT - just see below the DELUGE OF OTHER INTEL in the press.

The Daily Beast is owned by IAC, which has Chelsea Clinton in the Board of Directors.

But that did NOT keep it from sending reporters to the Clinton Library and DEMOLISHING Bill's alibi.


Existing records indicate that Jeffrey Epstein and his longtime associate Ghislaine Maxwell where present at a September 1993 fundraiser dinner in the Clinton White House.

Here they are in the guest list, and here, also, is a letter from the White House Historical Association, thanking Epstein for a 10k donation. From ***1993***.

Also featured in this Daily Beast piece is a letter from Lynn de Forrester (future Rothschild) talking about having discussed Jeffrey Epstein with the president.

We will return to her later, but let's just say that Lynn de Rothschild (LdR) helps establish a Clinton-Epstein early link, from a very early date.

Lynn Forester de Rothschild was, apparently, in the habit of turning people on to Epstein, as we learn from Alan Dershowitz, here.

Look how Les Wexner is involved, too.

(We will get back to him.)

Moving on, the Lolita Express' flight logs ALSO contradict Bill Clinton's statement.

"Clinton flew, was a guest of Epstein's 27 times. Many of those times Clinton had his Secret Service with him, and many times he did not. Almost all the times there were underage girls."

We will son know a lot more about that.

But the most astonishing link between Clinton and Epstein is stated on a 2007 letter from Epstein's lawyers.

"Epstein was one of the original funders of Clinton Global Initiative. He gave President Clinton four million dollars, according to a source."

Conchita Sarnoff

Every day a new piece of evidence appears, be it a pic of Ghislaine Maxwell at Chelsea's wedding…

…or a very blurry photo of Bill and Ghislaine Maxwell boarding a *plane*.

Burn, baby - burn!

So let's go back to Lynn de Forester Rothschild, one of the most controversial characters in the Q drops.


Her connections with Epstein and Clinton, as we saw, predate her marrying into one of the reigning bloodlines on planet Earth.

When Lynn married Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, they spent their honeymoon on the White House, on Lincoln's Bedroom.

No, I'm not kidding.

To give context to the Q drops regarding LdR, I have to take you back to November 2017, right at the fist onslaught of #TheStorm.

Good Saudi King Salman unleashed his "anti-corruption purges", arrested hundreds of billionaire royals, princes and ministers, broke one side of the Cabal's pyramid - and shut the Saudi Sex-Slave safe haven, freeing 3k children at once.

Yes. Good King Salman.

Under the former rulers of the House of Saud, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had turned into one of the biggest donors for the Clinton Foundation.

Saudi Arabia was the bloody wonderland, the safe haven of Child Sex Trafficking - and the MOST disturbing allegations are made against HRC, but so far they have not been substantiated in public.

One of the most powerful men in the Kingdom was arrested, too. https://cnsnews.com/news/article/patrick-goodenough/saudi-prince-among-dozens-arrested-corruption-donor-carter-clinton…

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is one of the richest men on earth, and was said in the Q drops to be one of the puppet masters of American Politics.

Alwaleed’s philanthropic foundation has given “$1 million or more” in cumulative donations to the Carter Center, and between $100,000 and $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

But a simple cursory search showed multiple millionaire donations from companies that Alwaleed had meaningful stakes.

I'm sure a thorough search will find many more.

Back in the US, about a week after the Saudi purges, we saw one of the MOST painfully personal attacks on the posts regarding Lynn de Rothschild (LdR).

"Distress calls will do no good at this stage."

"We can hear you breathing…"

Somehow, the events in the Bloody Wonderland - and the intel generated in the corruption purge - deeply involved her family, according to Q.

LdR had been lurking in 8chan, so she got called VERY directly.

We learn she can't sleep.

Meanwhile, in Riyadh, the arrested are kept in the most gilded cage in the planet: the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

But don't be too fooled by the sumptuous surroundings. The Saudi law enforcement and investigative methods could have very well involved torture.

January 27th: 83 days after he was arrested, and after an over 6 billion financial settlement, prince Alwaleed bin Talal is released.

We Q folks know part of the settlement would have certainly included a surrendering of INTEL about bad players and maybe even collateral about himself.

Just how loyal he will show himself to his cousin, the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, remains to be seen.

Q taunts bin Talal upon his release: the playing involves the "Black Forest".

Q addresses the prince as "dopey" following this tweet by POTUS.

He has branded many people with this term, that he used no less than 71 times!

But the "Forest" Q is making reference is THIS Rothschild estate. https://bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-31/rothschilds-sell-austrian-hunting-estate-in-a-historic-deal

The "Black Forest" Q was referring to is Langau, a hunting state the Size of Manhattan, that was sold in a Historic Deal. https://iol.co.za/personal-finance/rothschilds-sell-the-last-piece-of-austrian-empire-after-200-years-18962855

Drop 664: Q posts a montage with POTUS attack on traitor, pencil neck Adam Schiff.

He is said in the drops to be a leaker, involved in crimes against National Security and ***EVIL***.

Q is calling our attention to the FIRE sale.

What went on there?

Is the prince a witness in this case?

Drop 666: the Rothschild estate sale, the 666 point-fall in the Stock Market, Soros transferring his wealth, and bin Talal freed.

Many visible developments of this mostly invisible war.

The plunge of 666 points shows just how far they are willing to go to openly demonstrate their power.

As a side note, we can see evil CNN praying for a Bear market that never came.

SO, what went on there, on the hunting state, on the "Black Forest"?

We know. And now the game has flipped.

Hunters become the HUNTED.

With all that in mind, it seems easier to understand why the BOUNTY HUNTER is such a big liability for "them".

And why they would want him out of the picture.

The Frank Report has been a very good resource, with real human sources in the Penal System.

The possibilities are listed:

To lose a prisoner before trial is a big no-no for any warden. I can only imagine how this one is even more valuable to keep alive.

Bad players took out the POWER in parts of Manhattan to be able to get to him.

On some accounts of the story, he was alone in the cell, on others he had an ex-cop charged with quadruple murder charges as a cell mate.

This man had been recently found with a cell phone in his cell.

Back to the Frank Report - in the MCC 10 South Unit, known as the "terror wing", access to Epstein was difficult.

It is mentioned he may be involved with some intelligence agency - we will return to that.

Appealing his pre-trial incarceration, he had no reason to attempt on his own life.

I hope Epstein is kept safe. Not only for all the intel that will come out at his trials - but mainly because I will NEVER, ever, endorse extra-judicial murders or torture.

Epstein had to use this stylishly Safety Smock in suicide watch for 2 weeks.

Is his latest court appearance, however, he showed no signs of injuries.

Remember how, before he was forced to resign, secretary Acosta said he was reportedly told Epstein “belonged to intelligence”, and was to be left alone?

A piece of the Palm Beach Post, from circa 2007, mentions rumors about Epstein being "a CIA spook".

Recent article from Vanity Fair: Republican leaders consider him to be "a Mossad agent".

Investigations show that Epstein was running a blackmail operation, he bugged the venues with microphones and cameras to record his guests with the underage girls that he exploited.

Vanity Fair: the same blackmail theory is presented here.

In fact, the intel and the blackmail theories do not exclude each other. Much to the contrary.

Honeypots are one of the oldest intel tricks in the book.

The relationship between Epstein and Les Wexner has been on the forefront of many investigations.

Was Les blackmailed by him?

Business Insider also focuses on the very strange relationship between them, that led to Wexler giving Epstein power of attorney over all his assets.

In Crazy Days and Nights, Ent Lawyer has a "blind item" that seems to romanticize a bit their relationship.

This good FR article investigates if Les was actually not a blackmail victim, but was actually ON IT!

A source of distress is the fact that James Comey's daughter Maurene, an assistant US attorney in the Southern District of New York, is involved in the prosecution.


Coming from a family of rabid dems, and daughter to Jim Comey, it is reasonable to distrust her. But how much?

Would she screw her big chance at one of the most prestigious federal prosecutors' office nationwide, after four years with the office on a steady climb?

And also: she has oversight!

US Attorney for the SDNY, Geoffrey Berman was chosen in January 2018 by Jeff Sessions, and confirmed by the judges of the Southern District of New York.

Berman has prosecuted a congressman for insider trading , dirty doctors for narcotics distribution, a recording artist for felony counts in racketeering, the Russian operative Natalya Veselnitskaya, and charged Michael Avenatti with extortion.

Berman brought the first ever drug trafficking charges against a pharmaceutical company and two of its executives, charging them with illegally conspiring to distribute oxycodone and fentanyl and conspiring to defraud the DEA.

I'm not proposing Berman for sainthood, but obviously this guy is going places.

ALSO: he has a certain talented bag-piper looking over his shoulder!

What Berman, Barr and even Maurene Comey know is that ***those present charges against Epstein are just "placeholders" for additional, even MORE disturbing charges***.

No one can help him.

This whole prosecution effort come as a mission, right from the top.

The judge in Epstein case talks about ongoing investigations of as-of-yet uncharged accomplices.

Rich clients? Possibly, yes, but also his MANY enablers, too.

Ghislaine Maxwell appears to be the most probable.

A British Media heiress turned New York City "philanthropist and socialite". https://rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/ghislaine-maxwell-jeffrey-epstein-arrest-856874/

Virginia Giuffre, in her suit against Epstein - that was settled under seal - said Maxwell and Epstein both abused her, starting when she was underage.

During the summer of 1999, when Virginia was 16 years old, Maxwell recruited her to serve as Epstein’s "massage therapist".

Epstein trained Virginia to *serve* his friends, too: including British prince Andrew.

And Virginia is about to BLAST the world with the TRUTH, because a US court ordered 2,000 pages from her defamation suit - who claims Epstein used her as a sex slave - to be made public.


But one of the most disturbing aspects of Epstein's crimes is how he wove a web of accomplices - women who were part victims, part perps.

Some of these women may be part of the new charges that are expected.

To imagine how disturbing this Epstein racket is, just think about Nadia Marcinkova, who was SOLD to him as a child.

Another victim details how Epstein "purchased" the Yugoslavian model:

Take a look at the incident report - the second image shows closer how the victim was subjected to sex with Nadia and Epstein.

Meanwhile, it's still an open season on the press about "WTF is wrong with that temple?"

It has not worked to try to call it a "gym", or a concert hall.

The original plans for the structure show a musical pavilion that bears very little resemblance to the actual existing building.

Q drop 3493, from July 25th - the temple was NOT a gym!

And WE FINALLY had a respectful QAnon quote, in a UK paper. It looks like we finally crossed the Rubicon.



is the reporter. He does not believe in Q, but has an inquisitive, curious mind. Give him some love and appreciation! Do NOT try to *convert* him - just be nice.

That pretty much sums up the main developments in the case. But MUCH MORE is in the process of unveiling.

This BOUNTY HUNTER is in the vortex of this Child Trafficking Spider Web.

From the Rothschild to the Saudis, to the Clinton Foundation…

Burn, baby - burn!

The victims testimonies/before:

The victims testimonies/now:

My first thread about JE, and the stifled investigation in Florida.

The Island:

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That was my #QAnon thread on "BOUNTY HUNTER".


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