• Paul Serran

'Ban evader' is my middle name

Updated: Aug 2

The expected Twitter ban on QAnon followers has begun in earnest. I have to say that, for me, it came as a kind of relief. The level of harassment Twitter was subjecting me was too much, already.

At least now they are wearing their colors openly. It feels better that way.

Not one of the BIG TECH platforms enforces its rules in a equitable way - they allow the Globalists and the Leftists to display almost any kind of harmful behavior with impunity. But conservatives have to carefully toe the line.

Being Brazilian, I have always had to stand up to "authority", in the sense that, down here, oftentimes the rules and even laws are absurd, or are enforced in a crooked way.

That does not mean I want to be some kind of outlaw: whenever true authority presents itself with a sane plan, I have no problem falling in line. But that is NOT what we are dealing with, here.

Twitter wants to get to "ban evaders" - people who made another account after being permanently suspended. People like me. Ban evader is my middle name. Why should we play it by the rules? Conform to their game plan is out of the question. I don't commit political suicide just because it's polite.

It took me a few months after being banned until I came back as Anon. The difference in the mistreatment of conservatives was palpable and frightening. The game was much more rigged.

Now, of course, any censure problem pales beside the great pandemonium they unleashed on us.

Up is down, left is right. They have turned the world inside out. I wonder: if I had not had 3 years of 'Anon boot camp', could I cope with the sheer horror that the Cabal and its puppet leaders are promoting, and still be in any shape to fight?

It's not likely.

They call us disinformators for talking about HCQ even after Ford Foundation and other studies show its efficacy, and they keep pushing a RETRACTED Lancet article meant to fear monger us out of a drug that costs 1 dollar, so they can push Redemsivir for US$1k. They treat us like sheep. They treat us like shit.

Now in Broward County, Florida - we know what that means, right? - they are ordering people to wear masks IN THEIR HOUSES. That is the level of crazy we are dealing, now.

At the same time, POTUS has signaled clearly enough (for me, anyway) that he has data to suggest a hardcore "anti-mask" stance is an electoral loser proposition. He has pivoted to seemingly accept, in great part, the misinformation about the China Virus.

To me, it shows that he is focusing on winning issues: the shutdown of the Chinese consulate in Houston is a step in the war against invasion, but it's also a big winning electoral theme. Most Americans are rightfully pissed off about the biological attack we were victims of. This is a virus-connected issue that translates in people voting for POTUS.

Next week, we may have the biggest drop in INTEL on Epstein-Maxwell, with names of hundreds of individuals involved with the Epstein sex trafficking ring. It's about court doc from a civil lawsuit that Virginia Giuffre filed against Ghislaine Maxwell for calling her a liar when Giuffre presented evidence she had been trafficked to Prince Andrew.

When this deluge of intel breaks, of course Mr. Dorsey do not want us pedo-shaming the universe like mad! :)

The fight is on, and we are winning - they would not be this desperate and this frantic if we were not. Hold the line!

Rio de Janeiro, July 23rd, 2020

Paul Serran

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