• Paul Serran

Back to the Trenches

The blog is back on, with a provisional black visual remake all made by yours truly. The fight moves to a new, darker period. That should not discourage us. Much to the contrary.

We were never, ever, under the mistaken impression that we had an easy task ahead of us. Sure, I for one never anticipated this rather formidable sequence of setbacks in 2020. However, had we won every single one of these encounters, all the work would - anyway - remain in front of us.

Our enemy is planning and acting with a timeframe of decades, generations, centuries. We will not win this in a couple of summers. Gear up, fall back to the trenches, hold the line.


I don't see why conservatives have to necessarily forgo the use of violence, when leftists have no such qualms.

Why I'm trying to say here, does NOT equate to advocating violence.

But the question, for me, is: why do we have to be the ultra-virtuous and fight - at a disadvantage - these people who have no limits in their tactics?

I believe we must, as indeed we do, reserve ourselves the right to use whatever methods we deem equivalent to the barrage of violence and mayhem unleashed by our foes.

War is war.


If you are not confused, frustrated and irritated, right now, you have no soul.

I think it's way past due that we stop with the brave face posturing and accept the magnitude of the defeat. It's hard, but we have to look truth in the face and get back on our feet, fighting.

The ultimate result of this struggle has been decided around 2021 years ago, in Mount Calvary. Spoiler alert: God wins! So, fear not - and fight on!

The Mamas and Papas: "And the darkest hour is just before dawn".

Culture is upstream to politics

so, there'll be a lot of music.

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