• Paul Serran

Annabella Sciorra testifies that Weinstein raped her

Sciorra in 1994.

"Harvey Weinstein launched a campaign of increasingly menacing behavior toward “Sopranos” star Annabella Sciorra, starting with a series of creepy gifts delivered to her home and ending with her rape one winter night in the early 1990s, she told a rapt courtroom in Manhattan on Thursday."

She is the first of several women whom prosecutors plan to question to show a pattern of predatory behavior in New York’s sexual assault case against Weinstein. The alleged attack occurred too long ago for the state to bring criminal charges. Instead, prosecutors are using her testimony to show that Weinstein, 67, engaged in a series of criminal acts.

"She told the jury Weinstein dropped her off after a dinner that included rising stars such as Uma Thurman. She said she was in a nightgown and ready for bed by 10 p.m. when there was a knock at the door. She was surprised to see Weinstein there, she testified. She said he pushed his way in and began circling her, perhaps checking to see if there was anyone else in the apartment, then started unbuttoning his shirt and pushing her into the bedroom as she tried to escape to the bathroom."

“I was punching him, kicking him, trying to get him off me,” Sciorra testified. “He took my hands, and he put my hands over my head,” she said, raising her arms to show them pinned. She said she weighed just over 100 pounds, while Weinstein was more than twice as large.

At the end, Sciorra said, Weinstein ejaculated on her leg and told her, “I have perfect timing.”

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