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And what if Q never comes back?

Congratulations to all Q peeps for this wonderful day when we celebrate the second anniversary of the start of


It's funny to be doing this with Q team underground, and with us without any idea if the team will ever be dropping again.

When the 'new' 8kun was first announced, I felt pretty certain that Q would be back today.

As I write this, at 10:40am Rio time (9:40 EST), I am no longer confident that that will happen.

It's very true that the very first (and legendary) drop came at 2:33pm EST, but I have to say - at the risk of being very wrong - that I have a feeling this won't happen.

I won't get into 'why' - because the article would become too long and would also invite much conflict.

Let's just accept this to be an opinion - nothing else - from someone who is immersed in this in a pretty big way.

So, what?
What if Q never comes back?

As I see it, nothing changes. The storm is plainly visible, and most of its themes have LONG crossed the threshold into the realm of public discussion.

Durham is about to blow Spygate out in the open as the scandal that is 100 times worse than Watergate.

General Flynn's exoneration is a clear reality on the horizon - "We don't leave our patriots behind."

Horowitz' OIG report: ok - no one can stand anymore to hear about how it's "coming soon" hahaha - but the real fact, no B.S., is that it's evolving, and it is on the very last stages of redaction.

The fight for the border is on, THE WALL is being built, and even the port of Long Beach has been retaken from Chinese hands.

The worldwide concerted effort against pedophilia and human trafficking is as strong as any other LE effort I witnessed in my entire life, much more hardcore than the war on drugs.

Suspected sex criminals go on TV rave about "deep fake" videos, terrified of what will be released. Yes, released. Just between you and me - they would not be in panic if that was not the case. Just think about it.

Muslim Brotherhood, Antifa and many other poisonous organizations are in the cross-hairs of justice. Pay-for-play, corruption and espionage are being probed deeply.

People "in the know" of the Q drops are aware that this list I'm merely outlining could go on for dozens of pages.

We were handed a master package of knowledge, and we are amazedly seeing all this unfold, and fighting every step of the way with zombie leftists, mockingbirds and Satanists, in the name of this new human renaissance: the #GreatAwakening.

So what am I trying to say? That we don't need Q?

That is NOT what I'm saying. Of course we need them, the Q team. My point is we DO HAVE Q.

'You have more than you know' is to be taken in the most direct and simple way. In that collection of drops, there is much we haven't tackled or cracked.

And not only that! What if in the metadata (of the pictures posted in the Q boards) lies treasure? I have read it said that there is indeed code that could hide additional information.

Meanwhile, many Tweeter US military pages talk to us in our 'lingo', and a (retired) General even gave an interview saying:

“Q-Anon is information that comes out of a group called ‘The Army of Northern Virginia.’ This is a group of military intelligence specialists, of over 800 ppl that advises the president."

It' happening. Impossible not to see. BORING complaining shills and concern fags still whine non-stop - and we know they'll never stop. It's a disease.

I am posting this now, around 11:30am EST, and I unfortunately expect to be right. But, OH BOY - that I could be proven wrong - VERY WRONG. That would be mighty fine.

Much love for the patriots, from the bottom of my heart.

Rio de Janeiro, 27th of October, 2019 - Year 2 A.Q.

Paul Serran

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