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Alice in the Bloody Wonderland

A #QAnon thread on "Alice in the Bloody Wonderland". You have to be over 18 to read this content. DO NOT TAG or even write full names of the people accused of crimes as described in the Q drops.

Please, I ask you to look deep into Alice Liddell's eyes. It's hard - I know. But please, do. So, the next time you feel your resolve wavering, this is really all you have to remember.

It's about this piece of shit. Granted, he was a great writer, and two of his books are masterpieces. But I have just looked into miss Liddell's eyes, so I am NOT in a forgiving mood.

On December 20th, Q posted this short drop. This is usually his (their) way of calling our attention to some theme that's about to become relevant.

Q was making reference to one of the first signatures in the drops, one that has been used over 25 times since November 2017:

Alice & Wonderland.

As we are about to learn, this is about a very specific modern satanic Alice…

…and the Bloody Wonderland.

So brace yourselves as we go down this rabbit hole.

Charles Dodgson, a.k.a. Lewis Carroll. Writer, mathematician, photographer. Deacon of the Anglican Church, math teacher of the Christ Church College, in Oxford, for most of his adult life.

Described by a biographer as "the most infamous 'girl lover' of the Victorian era".

Dodgson used his great photographic skills to ease his way into higher social circles of the Oxford community, especially that of his boss, Henry Liddell, Dean of Christ Church. You can read into this as much as you want.

It is a matter of public record that Dodgson hinted in his later journals that he was repeatedly molested by older, stronger boys while growing up, he had a stammer, and in his later days was very intent of "praying for absolution from his earlier sins".

Also, about 60% of his photos were destroyed before or after his death, and the journals from the years he was close to the Liddell family are the only ones missing. This, while not an iron-clad undisputable set of evidences, paint a clear enough picture.

Some of the portraits, like this one of little Alice, seem innocent enough, but allow me to call your attention to her head ornament. The flower motif will soon become very relevant and telling.

Dodgson was in the habit of taking the three daughters of his boss for rowing trips. In one of these trips he told his "young friends" the "Alice in Wonderland" story for the first time.

This photo was cropped by me, to exclude partial nudity of the ten-year-old Alice. Please DO NOT POST the complete, uncut pic. Dodgson always denied that the "Wonderland" story was about miss Liddell, and it's easy to understand why.

While the now classic book, published under pen-name Lewis Carroll, has its own intrinsic literary value - that would be foolish to deny - reading it in this context makes for a very disturbing content.

It was never publicly divulged why Dodgson broke ties with the Liddell family. It has been suggested it was the result of his insistence on marrying 11-year-old Alice. It may also be that, like many pedophiles, he lost interest on her as she grew up. LOOK AT HER EYES.

The disturbing, hurt look in her eyes accompanied Alice all through her life.

Look at this photo, and see here the theme of the "garden" at play. Does this not remind you of a certain presidential painting that stirred so much controversy recently?

Even at age 80, her face is still disturbing to look at.

This would not be so relevant today, were it not for the fact that the books he wrote for his victim (no other way to describe her) have captured the imagination of the planet - and worse, the stories have become a dog-whistle for the elite pedophiles worldwide.

In fact, Lewis Carroll's work, today, is a massive, symbolic backdrop for the criminal appetites of the super-wealthy and the super-powerful.

FAST FORWARD some 152 years, to late October, 2017. Q started to drop intel on 4chan (and then 8-chan), and #TheStorm begun to unfold.

Anons and patriots all over the world began a long and hard "hive mind" operation to break the stranglehold that the Mockingbird media had on the information flow.

Most experienced people in the Q scene know that one of the first and foremost themes of the drops was the detention and prosecution of criminal, treasonous HRC.

It still is.

***NO TAGS or complete names.***

Alice in Wonderland.

It is VERY relevant to recall that the Q drops began on the same day that Jarred Kushner returned from a secret trip to Saudi Arabia. NOT a coincidence.

The importance of this fact will become perfectly clear as we proceed with this story.

Drop 47, November 2nd, 2017. Q writes about the use of false flags as a deadly tactic for distraction, and hints that the BHO administration actively prevented the destruction of ISIS by the US military.

Drop 50 talks about how Uranium One armed the US enemies, and also how the Cabal had a back-door on NK's nuclear program, that was their leverage against any investigation or prosecution of their crimes by American authorities.

Also, it talks about the reason for so many pointless wars. This is BC and the former NK leader. Notice the flowery carpet. Many of these conflicts existed to create instability and chaos, thus keeping many "markets" open to the global human trafficking networks.

Q writes about the external, more "mundane" theme of the financial corruption by D's and R's - and their fortunes, that are totally incompatible with their salaries as politicians.

Corruption is already bad enough in its own right, but it is also the gateway through which bad people are drawn. It has been a painful part of the #GreatAwakening to learn that the inner circles of this cabal include rape, pedophilia and satanic ritual murders.

Corruption is already bad enough in its own right, but it is also the gateway through which bad people are drawn. It has been a painful part of the #GreatAwakening to learn that the inner circles of this cabal include rape, pedophilia and satanic ritual murders.

This is the context of Q DISINFO that claimed that martial law was imminent, with the National Guard deployed and mass arrests at any moment.

This was necessary because from the very start the enemy was keeping close tabs on the boards.

As we recalled, Jarred Kushner took a secret trip to SA. The "face to face" meeting had a very clear purpose:

The exchange of INTEL, of criminal evidence against "bad actors" both in SA and in the US.

We were about to find not only the extent of "Alice's" crimes, but also, more disturbingly, how our geo-political world was kept in constant artificial turmoil so that chaotic places can keep supplying destitute children to satisfy the criminal appetites of the superelites.

Q reminds us that BHO was treated in SA like a subject that he was, but POTUS was treated like a friend and an ally. Good Saudi King Salman joined the alliance for the LIGHT.

A ceremonial Sword Dance was performed for POTUS and cabinet, a symbolic preparation for the war to come. A war the two countries would be facing together.

I decided to include this mention, since it is one of the most important drops. Unless you understand the concept of compartmentalization of INTEL, you will never grasp what has been happening, what is now unfolding, or what's to come.

As we said, some of the most avid (and nervous) readers were the culprits themselves. So eventually Q would address them.

So, IMPORTANT drop 70. JK (Kushner) went to SA for an exchange of INTEL/Evidence.

SA was known for its political contributions to deep state D's and R's. It was also a safe haven/port of transport for the booming industry of Child Trafficking.

This is the old SA, the safe haven. Deep-state JK with the former Saudi King. I call once again your attention to the flowery carpet. It's impossible not to perceive the running theme.

BUT NOW, at this point there can be NO DOUBT that US and SA are together tackling these networks, these spider webs, worldwide.

Still at drop 70: martial law WAS declared - in SA. Read this bit with attention.

National Guard was mobilized, and hundreds of billionaire Princes and Ministers were caught in one sweep. Those who tried to escape were killed.

This is what Q was talking about, but in a mirrored fashion, so as to DISINFORM the enemy, while keeping patriots in the loop.

Some of the most important puppet masters of the Cabal were arrested. As you all probably know, Saudi Arabia is an Absolutist Monarchy. So the will of the sovereign is pretty much the law.

Some of the most important puppet masters of the Cabal were arrested. As you all probably know, Saudi Arabia is an Absolutist Monarchy. So the will of the sovereign is pretty much the law.

So we understand that Q is an "information insurrection" that is unveiling the horrors of the pedophile Satanists' crimes, while at the same time giving us just a glimpse of how the real-world fight against them is faring.

By November 4th and 5th 2017, Q is intent on revealing the meaning of the "Alice in Wonderland" signature. He does that REPEATEDLY. It's out in the open.

*** Do not tag anyone *** do not write full names ***

This is probably the darkest one, that links to this e-book:

Yes. You read it right. Her campaign was THAT open.

So this is it: satanic Alice from hell.

And the bloody Wonderland.

And may I remind you that this is not about "allegations" or "hearsay" - it's about real judicial evidence (possibly GRAPHICAL evidence) that got hundreds arrested in SA and thousands indicted in the US ever since November 2017.

So perhaps you understand why PATRIOTS DON'T SLEEP. Right? How could they?

To know where the bodies are buried. The real and metaphorical ones.

Once again, the horror of knowing how our Geo-Political world is dominated and manipulated to satisfy the criminal appetites of the super-elites.

To have the mission to bring about the Awakening. Darkness to LIGHT.

To know there was raging a INTEL was between White Hats and Clowns. To know the good guys are consistently winning. EVERY DAY.

To know that this was an open secret among them.

How they congratulate and encourage themselves and each other on their criminal behavior.

Alice and the Mad Hatter.

So, when will these criminals face justice?

When will the Wonderland be destroyed for good?


I don't know. BUT JUST LOOK INTO HER EYES. The next time you feel your resolve wavering, that is really all you have to remember.

Then YOU WILL KNOW what we came to do in the #GreatAwakening.

That was "Alice in the Bloody Wonderland" for today. END.

#TheStorm #QAnon #GreatAwakening

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